[MK Site]’We Play 2′ Haha X Ha Sung-woon X Jung Hyuk, the great variety show to defeat Corona Blue

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The members of ‘We Play 2’boasted the best sense of immersion.

On the 21st, at DDMC in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, a press conference for the NQQ entertainment program ‘We Play Season 2′(hereinafter referred to as ‘We Play 2’) was held. Haha, Ha Sung-woon, and Jung Hyuk attended the site.

‘We Play Season 2’ is an action-adventure variety entertainment in which the members perform ‘quest drift to solve the curse of the Great Dynasty Clam’. The members who worked as a choir in Season 1 are playing the game with the ‘Marine Boys Concept’. In addition, in Season 2, JR has joined and is showing an active role as the new youngest.

‘We Play 2’ is providing another fun-filled season with an augmented reality. The members said that immersion was easy this season. Haha said, “Adventure variety for the elderly,” he said. “I thought it would be difficult to immerse in augmented reality because it was far from reality. But, I have great immersion. I can immerse myself outside the camera”. At the same time, Haha made a laugh by adding, “I did a blanket kick in Season 1”.

When asked how he improved his immersion, Ha Sung-woon turned to Kang Ho-dong, saying, “Thanks to (Kang) Ho-dong.” Haha explained, “(When I started filming) I was scolded if I said honorifics. From the choir to the marine boys, everyone is in the same class,” said Haha, and said, “This was the most difficult.”

He added, “Haha started kicking, but I couldn’t do that. I almost did it at the level of palm time,” he added. “I learned a lot after watching Ho-dong immerse myself. I was able to fall into concentricity.”

JR joined this season and a new youngest was formed. When asked what kind of advice he gave to the new youngest JR, Ha Sung-woon, the youngest member of Season 1, said, “I didn’t give any advice,” and said, “I just asked, ‘Did you see Season 1?'”

He also said, “Jonghyun came and made me feel more comfortable and talkative.”

Haha said, “The youngest came and thought that he could play games well and was reassuring, but he was less than his brothers than I thought.” “JR and I use the body a lot specially,” said Jung Hyuk, certifying JR’s innocence.

Ha Sung-woon also said, “Ho-dong likes idol singers very much. He takes care of me and JR a lot, with no end or bottom line.” He added, “Haha and (Lee) Soo-geun followed Kang Ho-dong and took care of idols a lot. But it was fun again.”

Haha also mentioned the role of the PD, saying, “This is the production crew who played ‘Running Man’. It helps to increase the level of immersion because PD Kim Joo-hyung explains the game like an NPC.”

In this season, not only the cast but also the guests are showing a big success. In the midst of this, Ha Sung-woon drew attention by saying that the points of watching the remaining episodes are also the guests. Ha Sung-woon boasted, “In Season 2, there are a lot of great guests such as Kim Jong-min, Na Tae-ju, Song Ga-in, Jang Yoon-ju, and Irene.” He added, “I will not reveal the boss mob,” he added, asking for confirmation.

In response, Haha and Jung Hyuk confronted Ha Sung-woon’s words and praised the last guest, the boss mob. The two said, “The last person is a great person. It wasn’t suitable for the virtual world, but it was an all-time high. The end of the villain.”

Members who were talking in a friendly atmosphere all the time made predictions by mentioning Season 3. Haha said, “It seems that there is a mountain and the air that is left now.” In response, Ha Sung-woon said, “I want to explore a restaurant. It will be fun to eat delicious food and play games.”

Jung Hyuk looked at Haha for a while and said, “I like extreme sports in the air,” and made a laugh. Ha-ha ordered again, saying, “Please save your words.”

Meanwhile, ‘We Play 2’is aired every Saturday at 7:45 pm.


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