‘My little old boy’ Kwak Do-won “I think I cannot maryy in this life” unexpected remark

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

In SBS ‘My little old boy’, actor Kwak Do-won, who overwhelms the screen with his unrivaled acting ability, spreads the laughter virus with a unique hotness.

When Kwak Do-won appeared as a special MC on SBS’s ‘My little old boy’, aired on the 23rd, the Movengers greeted the storm, saying, “Kwak Do-won is little bit (?) handsome!” Kwak Do-won, a ‘beginner of variety show’, expressed a shy (?) reaction, saying, “I’m nervous,” causing a laugh in the studio.

However, Kwak Do-won attracted attention by saying that he listened to and released the recording site with an unpredictable, anti-war speech, even for a while. He confessed that there is no reason, and said, “I think I cannot marry til I die!”

In addition, Kwak Do-won, a single man, said, “I feel too shabby!” and revealed the chores (?) that make me the most bitter. Hearing this, Movengers said, “At that time, it looks stupid (?), but he couldn’t hide the saltiness.”

On the other hand, Kwak Do-won, who challenged his first comic acting with the movie ‘International Investigation’, shared the story of overcoming water phobia and challenging underwater action. In particular, it caused laughter by revealing the secret secret (?) of overcoming trauma.

Kwak Do-Won’s friendly charm, like ‘Neighbor’, can be found on the 23rd at 9:05 pm on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’.


Photo courtesy| SBS’My Ugly Little Boy’

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