‘Voice Trot’ Park Se-wook, extreme diet “5kg weight loss, severe singing practice”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Voice Trot’ musical actor Park Se-wook is fighting for a diet.

In MBN’s 20 billion project ‘Voice Trot’ (planning/directing Park Tae-ho), broadcast on the 21st, a more bloody 3rd round 1:1 death match will be unfolded. ‘Voice Trot’ is creating an unprecedented syndrome by recording the No. 1 audience rating in the same time period including the length of the episode and cable for 6 consecutive weeks. Last week, when the third round began, it recorded No. 1 in all channels including terrestrial, proving the craze for ‘Voice Trot’.

In this week’s broadcast, Park Se-wook, who is living a second life as a ‘Voice Trot’ after a long obscure period, will be on the death match stage. His death match opponent, who is expected to be a next-generation trot star, is ‘Kapichu’ Choo Dae-yeop. Park Se-wook said, “I was usually a huge fan of Choo Dae-yeop, but I couldn’t even imagine that I would be stuck in a death match. I don’t know what kind of joke of fate this is.”

The preparation process was harsh as it was a history-class death match. In particular, Park Se-wook had the most difficult time since the broadcast because of the extreme diet and singing practice. In an interview with the production crew of ‘Voice Trot’, he confessed, “It’s a song that I have to sing, but it wasn’t easy because I was on the Danish diet so much. He lost 3kg in a week, and a total of 5kg after the broadcast, and will reveal a more uplifting appearance.

Park Se-wook continued to go on an extreme diet and eventually suffered body aches. He said, “I was worried that there would be no sound on the stage,” he told the dizzying situation right before the recording. On this day, the appearance of Park Se-wook sweating in the waiting room will be revealed. In particular, the stage of Park Se-wook and Choo Dae-yeop is said to have been more relentless than ever by the legend judges, raising questions about the results.

Previously, Park Se-wook gave a feeling of feeling by revealing the story of his father who was uncomfortable with his body. Park Se-wook said, “My father asked me, ‘Are you happy to sing?’ I barely put up with tears coming. After appearing in ‘Voice Trot’, life has changed dramatically. I am most happy to see my parents proud.”

Park Se-wook debuted as a theater actress in 2007, and has since been active on musical stages such as ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’ and ‘Nonsense’, and expanded her range of activities to a singer by releasing a single album in 2016. But the public reaction was cold. “I am having a miracle day by day. I think I’m having a dream.” He expressed his gratitude to the ‘Voice Trot’ syndrome.

“Every life revolves around ‘Voice Trot’. His goal is to be in the top 3,” and said, “I will do my best as a trot singer in the future.” I am looking forward to the main broadcast of ‘Voice Trot’ as to whether Park Se-wook’s wish will come true, and who will be the protagonist who will advance to the fourth round after a brutal game.

On the 7th episode of ‘Voice Trot’, which airs at 9:50 pm today (21st), the singing power Ha Ri-soo of the thrill, the charming voice of Kim Chang-yeol, the sexy trot Dalshabet Subin, Moon Hee-kyung from the Gangbyeon Song Festival Grand Prize, the fascinating high-pitched uptension melody, and luxury actor Park Gwang-hyun, Survival Powerhouse Jo Moon-geun, All-Crown Shinhwa Kim Hyun-min, the original idol Click-bee Ha Hyun-gon, and Sundol Lee Keon-ju will appear.

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