‘Help Me Homes’ Kim Wan-seon, “participation in boutique hotel interior”…

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Wan-seon revealed that he had participated in the interior of a boutique hotel.

MBC entertainment program broadcasted on the 23rd, ‘Help me Homes’ helped a client looking for a house where mothers and daughters live together appeared, while singer Kim Wan-seon and Girls’ Generation Sunny appeared as guests.

On this day, Kim Wan-seon revealed that she had interior her own house and showed off his extraordinary interior skills, saying, “I flattened the floor of the house and removed the door for the five cats. Because there are cats, I made the interior safely.”

After admiring all of Kim Wan-seon’s all-white interior photos released, Kim Wan-seon revealed a modest aspect, saying, “There is nothing special, but it looks pretty only in the photos.”

Kim Wan-seon added, “I participated in the interior of the two rooms of the boutique hotel,” and added admiration. After hearing the talk, Kim Sook admitted to Kim Wan-seon’s ability, saying, “I will call you honorary director.”


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture

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