‘Junghee’ Kim Jae-hwan talked about his nikckames #Gangseo district version of Ki Seong-yong #Howon University Song Joong-ki #Park Hyo-shin fan #Not ballads? (General)

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Singer Kim Jae-hwan made the listeners ‘heartbeat’ with her sweet voice and honest speech.

On the afternoon of the 24th, MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon’s Hope Song Kim Shin-young (hereinafter referred to as’Jung Hee’)’, special DJ Yoon Doo-jun filled up the vacant seat of Kim Shin-young, and singer Kim Jae-hwan, who returned with the new song ‘I’m not okay,’ appeared as a guest.

On this day, special DJ Yoon Doo-jun mentioned his relationship with Kim Jae-hwan and introduced, “Kim Jae-hwan, who was sweating and kicking the ball with me, joins here,” and “I heard that a new song was released and it was the first broadcast today.”

Kim Jae-hwan greeted him, saying, “I played football with Doo-Jun and built a friendship. It is so nice to see you here.” Yoon Doo-jun said, “I came out on behalf of Kim Shin-young, and when I asked how?” Kim Jae-hwan wittily said, “Actually, I like it,” and made a laugh.

As it was a football-related relationship, episodes related to football continued. Yoon Doo-jun asked Kim Jae-hwan, “I heard that your nickname was Gangseo district’s Ki Sung-yong when you were in school. Please explain the origin of the nickname.”

Kim Jae-hwan said, “I took on a lot of offensive midfielders in the past. It’s embarrassing to say from my mouth…” and said, “I think the style of kicking the ball seemed like Ki Sung-yong in my friends’ eyes.”

Also, Yoon Doo-jun recalled his first meeting, saying, “We played soccer. We gathered people with Lee Young-pyo and saw Jae-hwan for the first time.” Kim Jae-hwan said, “That’s right. I first saw you at that time. I was impressed with his soccer skills. I saw Doojun hyung’s personal story collection on YouTube, and it was really good to see it,” he praised his football skills.

Afterwards, Yoon Doo-jun asked for an introduction to Kim Jae-hwan’s new song ‘I’m not okay’, saying, “The reaction is very hot. I have read the music video.” Kim Jae-hwan explained, “This is the 3rd part of the Begin Again series that connects the solo debut songs ‘Begin Again’ and ‘Goodbye’. It wasn’t intended to be a title, but I was also surprised because the artist gave me a sensible connection.”

When Kim Jae-hwan sang “I’m not okay,” he said, “I sang it with a heart to let go of my beloved lover, managing to control my sadness,” he said. “In fact, when I sang this song, I had a lot of trouble. It was a song that gave me confidence that I can do well in the future. I think I can grow more in the future.”

Yoon Doo-jun praised, “I think I have grown a lot from this opportunity. It’s cool.”

In addition, Kim Jae-hwan revealed that he would like to take the new song challenge with Park Hyo-shin. He said, “I was impressed by Park Hoy-shin’s song when he was singing at the Melon Music Awards,” he said. “I have been a great fan since I was a child. I followed a lot of what he usually say,” he said. Kim Jae-hwan shyly added, “If you have time, please listen to my music.”

Kim Jae-hwan, referring to the ‘Voice Award’, which was recently awarded at the Soribada Awards, expressed his feelings, saying, “After a long time, standing in front of the fans and singing a song was overwhelming.” He recalled, “There were audiences in front of me, but I got goosebumps. It’s been a while since I couldn’t perform, but I was so overwhelmed while singing on this stage.”

Kim Jae-hwan said in a surprise report that he was called ‘Howon University Song Joong-ki’ when he was in college. “When I was in college, I went to drink with my friends, and there was a beer ad model, Song Joong-ki.” Kim Jae-hwan actively clarified, “I used to stand next to the poster with a playfulness, and jokingly said, ‘I look alike with Song Joong-ki’.”

Kim Jae-hwan, referring to his best friend and Jeong Se-woon, said, “Se-woon was called ‘Howon University Park Hae-jin’,” and “Se-woon doesn’t look like Park Hae Jin”. He said, “Actually, I think Se-woon is so handsome,” he said, “I hope he can show a lot of charms.”

Kim Jae-hwan also delivered tips on health care. Kim Jae-hwan said, “I always take vitamins. I do push-ups twice as soon as I get up,” he said. “I also eat protein-oriented. Exercise runs up the stairs of the apartment on the 15th floor whenever I have time. Total 3 sets, 4 When he said, “I’m about to set,” Yoon Doo-jun exclaimed, “This is really good health. (Yang) Yo-seop reminds me a lot. They are both kings of self-management.”

On the other hand, Kim Jae-hwan said, “There is a lot to show in the future,” and “There is a genre that I want to show to my fans. There are things I have been preparing since before my solo debut, but I am looking at the timing. I hope the day to show you in the future.” He revealed a challenge and raised expectations.

On the other hand, Kim Jae-hwan released a new song ‘I’m not okay’ on the 23rd. After his debut song’Hello’, Kim Jae-hwan, who returned to the ‘Begin Again Series’, sang the heart of a man struggling with intense longing.


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