“Kim Tae-hoon’s Freeway” officials said “Voluntarily abolished if the listening rate cannot be doubled within a year”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In order to catch radio listeners on their way to work, a program with the last tactic appeared. ‘Kim Tae-hoon’s Freeway’, which will be presented through the autumn reorganization of KBS 2 radio on the 31st, announced the end of one year with the launch.

If the listening rate cannot be doubled within a year from the first broadcast, the program will be voluntarily abolished on the first year. On the other hand, when the pledge of ‘double listening rate’ is achieved, the program continues: literally having a dead-end strategy, starting the program. These extreme prescriptions are not irrelevant to the sluggishness of KBS 2 radio channels in recent years.

Although they made a pledge that seemed somewhat irrational, the production crew of ‘Kim Tae-hoon’s Freeway’ is confident that it will never end in a year. This is because a predictable target was set based on the audience analysis for the corresponding channel, and the audience to implement this was selected as the ’50 Billboard Kid’. It was filled with a host, selection, and content with enough appeal to the current 50s who enjoyed pop music through radio when they were in school.

DJ Kim Tae-hoon, who is also a pop columnist, film, and book fanatic, has been criticized for being suitable for a unique music broadcast that encompasses current affairs and culture. In charge of PD Min Il-hong, they have conducted various experiments in Internet broadcasting, DMB, FM radio, etc. for the past 20 years, so they expect novel and high-quality programs.

With news briefings, Choi Young-il, current affairs critic, interesting science stories, director Lee Jeong-mo (National Science Museum, Gwacheon Science Museum), Park Kwang-il (Spatial History Institute), and reporter Kim Joon-il (newstop) rediscovering hidden news. It seems that the corner will double common sense and fun. The communication with the listeners that unfolds various ‘sounds’ and ‘texts’ encountered in everyday life will make the way to work from simply a’time of travel’ to a ‘time of rediscovery’ about life.

In the fierce war of radio programs on the way to work, attention is paid to whether ‘Kim Tae-hoon’s Freeway’, announcing its strategy with ‘double listening rate’, will survive one year later.

‘Kim Tae-hoon’s Freeway’ will be broadcast for the first time at 7 am on the 31st.


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