‘Once Again’ Kim Bo-yeon, Lee Min-jung’s hand held tight in anxiety

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The relationship between the characters in ‘Once Again’ has changed rapidly, and a new development has come.

KBS2 weekend drama ‘Once Again’ aired on the 23rd (playback Yang Hee-seung Ahn Ah-reum, director Lee Jae-sang, production studio dragon, main factory, hereinafter referred to as Handa) 87 and 88 episodes 32.8%, 35.5,% respectively (provided by Nielsen Korea, National Standard), standing tall at the center of the topic every day, fascinating the home theater.

On this day’s broadcast, from the conflict between Kim Bo-yeon (playing Choi Yoon-jeong) and Lee Min-jeong (playing Song Na-hee), which deepened over alcoholic dementia, to the appearance of Cha Hwa-yeon (played by Jang Ok-bun) and Lee Sang-yup (played by Yoon Gyu-jin), who spend a happy time confessing their minds. An unpredictable development unfolded.

In the previous broadcast, Choi Yoon-jeong (played by Kim Bo-yeon), who showed symptoms of alcoholic dementia, made viewers lament. She sat down in the middle of the street and said to herself, “Where are you…” Asked where the house was. Song Na-hee was shocked by Choi Yoon-jeong’s attitude, trembling with anxiety and asking, “Where is my house?”

Afterwards, Choi Yoon-jeong, who stopped at Song Na-hee’s words that she would wake up, looked around, saying, “Because my head hurts for a while,” and hurriedly sent her back, whispering where the house was. However, at Choi Yoon-jeong’s attitude, which is not easily understood by a momentary headache, Song Na-hee summarized the day Choi Yoon-jeong received a recent medical examination and the story she heard from her mother, Jang Ok-bun (Cha Hwa-yeon), and went to her to say, “My mother is alcoholic dementia. I feel the same,” he said with a helping hand.

Although she rejected Song Na-hee, who said she had alcoholic dementia, she became aware of the symptoms and was shocked. While shopping in a department store, she wore the scarf on display and came out as it was, but she did not remember him and became angry with the staff saying that it couldn’t be. However, as a result of turning the CCTV, Choi Yoon-jeong, who confirmed that it was her mistake, was in shock, and afterwards, she called Song Na-hee and said she would go for a dementia test, raising tension.

The meeting between Jang Ok-bun and Yoon Gyu-jin (played by Lee Sang-yeop), who had succeeded in the absence of Song Na-hee, gave warmth to the home theater. Song Na-hee, who had made an appointment for Jang Ok-bun’s vacation, hurriedly canceled the appointment at Choi Yoon-jung’s phone call and asked Yoon Gyu-jin to escort him instead. At first, Jang Ok-bun, who was embarrassed at first, not only brought things for himself, but also became weakened by the appearance of Yoon Gyu-jin, who had a tight military spirit. Afterwards, the two people who spent time together in Ganghwa Island conveyed their true heart and made the hearts of viewers crush.

In addition, the meeting between Song Da-hee (played by Lee Cho-hee), Yoon Jae-seok (played by Lee Sang-yi), and Han Ki-young (played by Kang Yoo-suk) showed an unexpected and unique chemistry, and the exciting relationship added to the fun. Han Ki-young witnessed Song Da-hee and Yoon Jae-seok holding hands. Previously, Yoon Jae-seok drew a line to Han Ki-young, who asked if he could be introduced to Song Da-hee, that he had a boyfriend to marry. Embarrassed by the sudden meeting, Song Da-hee’s hand was released in a hurry, as well as Han Ki-young’s gibberish appearance, adding laughter.

At the end of the broadcast, the images of the Song family and the Yoons, who are having a happy time, and the moment of Choi Yoon-jeong, who went to the dementia clinic for consultation, doubled their regret. It contains the image of Song Na-hee, who warmly holds the hands of Song’s family and Yoon brother, who are anxious and anxious, and calms the anxiety. As a result, the curiosity toward the next episode is amplifying how the relationship between Choi Yoon-jeong and Song Na-hee, who are gradually opening their minds, will progress, and whether Song Na-hee can reveal this to his brother Yoon.

‘Once Again’ is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.


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