‘Telegna’ Song Min-ho, Snow White transformed → a surprise fist confrontation with Kim Dong-hyun, ‘the best matchmaker’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Winner Song Min-ho and Song Ga-in appear in Telegna.

Winner Song Min-ho and singer Song Ga-in will appear on the last broadcast of the’Summer Edition’ season of SBS ‘If it is appeared on TV’ (hereinafter ‘Telegna’) aired on the 24th.

Song Ga-in, who was loved for his extraordinary sense of entertainment at the time of ‘Telegna’ pilot broadcast, came back with a stronger sense of entertainment and drew attention. In particular, Song Ga-in, who was usually said to be a ‘Song Min-ho’s fan’, expressed excitement at the first meeting with Song Min-ho, and added anticipation to the combination of the two.

Song Min-ho, who boasted an overflowing sense of entertainment every broadcast, showed strong confidence in victory throughout the filming. “Can you smell it…? “The smell of victory!” He said, “I won’t lose. Our group’s name is ‘WINNER’, and we affirmed our victory and created a tight sense of tension.

Meanwhile, in the recent recording, the members and Kim Dong-hyun made an unexpected fist-fight while conducting the PPL mission. In particular, Song Min-ho was devastated in the fight against Kim Dong-hyun, the ‘martial arts world champion’, but immediately showed off his strategies full of wits and showed unexpected skills, turning the scene into a sea of laughter.

Song Min-ho’s serious challenge ignited Kim Dong-hyun’s desire to win, and male members such as Yang Se-hyung and Yoo Se-yoon continued to fight with fists, predicting the victory of the pride of men that have not been seen in ‘Telegna’.

Also, Song Min-ho tried to dress up as ‘Snow White’. Song Min-ho, who boasts the usual high-level art skills, tried to make up herself for the success of the mission, and transformed into a beautiful’Snow White’ with super speed and boasted of a ‘dress-up king’. Yoo Se-yoon, Yang Se-hyung, and Jang Do-yeon, who are usually dressed up in daily life, could not hide their admiration for Song Min-ho’s makeup skills.

The performance of ‘Special Guest’, Song Min-ho and Song Ga-in, who have shown an unprecedented desire to compete, can be confirmed in ‘Telegna’, which airs at 10 pm on the 24th.


Photo courtesy| SBS ‘Telegna’

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