‘The Great Bae Taerang’ final weight revealed… Who succeeded in losing 7.4% ofbody fat?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The diet results of the ‘The Great Bae Taerang members’ are finally revealed.

JTBC’s ‘The Great Bae Taerang’, which airs on the 24th (Mon), reveals the final weights of the members who have completed a 12-week diet campaign.

In the recent recording of ‘The Great Bae Taerang’, the members held their breath and climbed on the scale as a group. From the decimal point, the weight of the hundred digits, the tens digit and the one digit was released sequentially, adding tension. Three months ago, the total weight of the six members was 598.6 kg. And reflecting the individual goals set by each person, the challenge is successful only when the total after diet is less than 520.9kg. Did the members really achieve the group reduction target?

After the breathtaking total weight measurement was over, each member started measuring individual weights one by one. Just in case, I laughed at finding a way to reduce the weight, such as waistband, glasses, and socks, even by 1g. When Jung Hyung-don failed to achieve the goal with a difference of 300g, he even went to the whole body and struggled to avoid the penalty pledge. Then, as Kim Yong-man’s turn approached, his attention was focused. This is because Kim Yong-man made a tremendous pledge of shaving his legs. Everyone was nervous about this, but Kim Yong-man, the party, showed strong confidence and stood on the scale without taking off his clothes. But the results were shocking. Kim Yong-man, who initially aimed at 77.5kg, came out with an ‘8’ in front of his weight. Accordingly, Kim Yong-man denied the unbelievable reality. Did Kim Yong-man really fail the diet mission challenge?

On the other hand, on this day, the members congratulated themselves by selecting the top 3 who succeeded in dieting the healthiest. In particular, ‘Top 1′ surprised the team doctor by losing a whopping 7.4% of body fat in three months.

Bae Taerang members’ desperate diet results, who did not choose any means and methods until the end, can be found in JTBC’s ‘The Great Bae Taerang’, broadcast at 11 pm on Monday, 24th.

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