“Why do you say that when it tastes like love?” Seo Soo-yeon shock confession for the second year of marriage (‘The taste of wife’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The taste of wife’ Lee Pil-mo and Seo Soo-yeon, the couple unveil the second episode of ‘Jeju Travel’, which heralds the return of ‘the taste of love’.

The TV CHOSUN entertainment program to be aired on the 25th (Tuesday), ‘The taste of wife’, which will be broadcasted on the 25th, received a enthusiastic response from the viewers last week, and the inevitable story that stood at the center of the topic was a family trip to Jeju. The second day is contained. After the first day, which was more of a ‘friendship trip’ rather than a ‘family trip’, the next day, Lee Pil-mo makes various efforts to make up for his mistakes, and returns ‘The Taste of Love’ will be unveiled.

On the first day of Jeju Island, Lee Pil-mo, who had a night like the night before the storm, prepared to go out with Dam-ho from early in the morning and drew attention to a sashimi restaurant. I decided to challenge myself. Lee Pil-mo, who had already experienced a great failure in grooming flatfish in ‘The Taste of Love’, learned the secret from a fish grooming master at a raw fish restaurant and burned his will. Studio Amatpam was surprised by Lee Pil-mo’s high-level knife skills. Unlike the time when ‘taste of love’ was filmed, Lee Pil-mo is attracting attention whether he will show brilliant sword skills or whether the opening of the ‘Pil Restaurant’ will be successful.

Most of all, Seo Soo-yeon, who was invited to the ‘Pil Restaurant’, made a shocking confession to Lee Pil-mo, saying, “Why did I say I like sashimi when I was in ‘Taste of Love’?” At the time of the first meeting of’The Taste of Love’, Seo Soo-yeon, who answered “Yes” to Lee Pil-mo’s request for liking sashimi, confessed that he did not like sashimi.

Lee Pil-mo, speechless in front of the twisted truth revealed only in the second year of marriage, gave a surprise gift that Seo Soo-yeon secretly prepared, saying, “I came and picked it up,” and the two smiled brightly and gave an atmosphere of reconciliation.

On the other hand, the couple inevitably reproduced the famous scene of’the taste of love’ even in front of Damho, who went to the zoo for the first time in their lives, and made the scene exciting. The inevitable couple, who watched the alpaca and gleefully at the dam-ho who exploded the cute coo, faced an unusual crisis due to the alpaca swarming in front of the family. At this time, blocking the front of Soo-yeon, who is afraid of Lee Pil-mo, is raising the anticipation that the’Taste of Love’ will cause the second advent of the ‘Pilmo Guard’ during the ‘Taste of Love’.

The production crew said, “The indispensable couple delivers a 180-degree different sensibility from the first day through the second trip to Jeju,” and said, “Please watch how the couple unfolds the sweetness of the ‘taste of love’ that they forgot so far”.


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