‘Ahn Eun-young’ controversy over profanity subtitles… Nexflix “Replace the video, try to prevent recurrence” [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

This is a habitual offender.

Netflix’s subtitles once again on controversy, after making mistakes on subtitles of  ‘Time to Hunt’ and ‘Taxi Driver’. The new teaser trailer for ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’ was controversial, and it was confirmed that the version is a different version from the one that had been reviewed by the Video Ratings Committee, causing doubts of intentionality and frowning a lot.

On the 25th, Nexflix confirmed the fact that a different version from the video submitted to the Korea Media Rating Board(KMRB) was released during the process of revealing the teaser of ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’, and deleted it from all channels and replaced it. “I am going to make every effort to prevent the same from happening in the future,” Netflix apologized.

Earlier on the 24th, a teaser trailer for ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’ was released, and the swear words in Ahn Eun-young’s lines were used as they were, causing controversy. Ahn Eun-young picks up the jelly and says, “Ah, XX, what is this?”

At the time of content deliberation, the KMRB judged that the abusive language part of the scene was silent, so it was not harmful to teenagers, but Netflix released a different version of the trailer on various platforms such as portal sites, allowing minors to watch. It is pointed out that the provocative version for publicity was deliberately tricked and used.

The movie ‘Time to Hunt’, which was released exclusively on Netflix on February 23rd, was criticized for incorrectly marking ‘East Sea’ as’Sea of Japan’ in German subtitles. On the 20th of last month, in a Japanese introduction to the movie ‘Taxi Driver’ about the 5.18 pro-democracy protest, it was written as ‘a taxi driver heading for Gwangju with a German reporter to cover the riots’, which was controversial over history distortion. There were accusations of degrading the 5.18 Gwangju pro-democracy protest as a ‘riot,’ and Netflix has announced that it will try to prevent recurrence after correcting it immediately.

Whether it’s just a mistake or a subtle elaboration, it’s time to be alert to Netflix, which lacks attention to detail in particularly sensitive areas, and the cold gaze surrounding it. ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’ will be released on the 25th of next month.


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