Discovery Channel Korea recruits ‘SBS graduate’ Jung Soon-young as the production director

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Discovery Channel Korea has recruited a large number of PDs from SBS and CJ ENM ahead of the launch.

Discovery Channel Korea announced that it has recruited PDs, who produced Korea’s representative variety entertainment programs and Studios specialized in content production, to Discovery, ahead of the opening on September 1st.

PD Jung Soon-young has been confirmed as the production manager responsible for the production of the new original content for Discovery Channel Korea. PD Jung Soon-young, from SBS Entertainment Bureau, was recognized for his insight and planning ability by producing popular entertainment programs in various genres such as food, survival, and figure skating reality, which are currently handled in the Korean entertainment ecosystem: ‘The Law of the Jungle’, ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry’, ‘Challenge! 1000 songs’, ‘decision! Taste vs. Taste’, ‘Solomon’s Choice’, and ‘Curious Heaven’.

Production manager Jung Soon-young said, “I have experience in creating programs while enjoying the real entertainment contents of the Discovery Channel, and I am very excited to join Discovery Channel Korea to oversee the production of original content. We will be able to showcase innovative contents that contain the diverse tastes of Korean viewers in the know-how of real global entertainment.”

PDs specializing in Korean real entertainment in various fields also joined. ‘Master Chef Korea’, ‘Korean Food Contest’, and ‘Tasty Road’, Korea’s bes t ‘Cook Broadcast’ entertainment expert Ha Jeong-seok, and ‘Top Gear Korea’ and ‘Drive Club’ producer Seo Seung-han PD also joins Discovery Channel Korea. In addition to ‘Top Gear Korea’, PD Eom Jin-seok, who produced ‘The Sound of Eating Grass,’  was also hired by Discovery. All of them have pioneered a new entertainment genre with a new attempt and a young sense.

An official from Discovery Channel Korea said, “In order to showcase the real life entertainment content that contains the colors unique to Discovery Channel Korea, recruiting a production team recognized for production ability and know-how in the Korean entertainment field was the top priority. As Discovery Channel Korea has recruited PDs who have been active in Korean entertainment to create content that is good, we will do our best from the production and planning process to provide fun that can satisfy the five senses of Korean viewers with entertainment programs that encompass various genres.”

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