First broadcast today (25th) of super-large sports game show ‘Cashback’

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Cashback’ will be broadcast for the first time on the 25th.

‘Cashback’ is an extra-large sports game show jointly organized by CJ ENM and the leading American TV program producer, Bunim-MurrayProductions. ‘Cashback’, which was broadcast in a two-part series in April, has a total of six sports, martial arts, ice, wrestling, basketball, water polo, and gymnastics, and 18 national-level athletes gathered together as ‘Cashmon Hunters’. Before the first broadcast of ‘Cashback’, which returned to regular schedule at 9 pm on the 25th, the production crew directly mentioned the points of watching.

# Overwhelmed with only the scale! Extra-large sports game show ‘Cashback’

‘Cashback’ is a sports game show in which the winning team is decided by catching ‘Cashmon’ with a prize money. It is expected that a game of hunters for the championship will unfold on a large-scale set that boasts a size of 3967m2 from the small set. The hunters are expected to draw attention, including various obstacles that will determine the game’s victory or loss, and a climbing game that challenges human limitations. A magnificent scale that will further maximize sweat and passion is expected to reach viewers.

# The return of the mighty hunters, the addition of the New Face cast completes the ultra-luxurious lineup

The lineup of the Hunters, who predicted a conflict without concessions from the first broadcast, is also raising expectations. First, Kim Dong-hyun appears as the team leader who will lead the ‘Fighter Hunters’ team and predicts an undefeated march with a detailed strategy. As the hunters aiming to win with Kim Dong-hyun, Choo Seong-hun, Gary, and Kang Kyung-ho will be active. In the ‘Taekwon Hunters’ team, Na Tae-ju, Lee Dae-won, and singer Kim Yo-han form a team with team leader Heo Gyeong-hwan. They captivate viewers with their splendid movement and potential. ‘Long Leg Hunters’, who is in charge of Cashback’s visual, is also a notable team. Cho Jae-sung, Jung Hyeok, and Kwon Hyun-bin, centered on the team leader volleyball player Kim Yo-han, will join forces to predict the performance of the reversal.

#’Cashback’, the most passionate activity this summer that will satisfy viewers on behalf of ‘viewers staying at home’

In recent years, as free outdoor activities have become difficult, ‘Cashback’ will become a game show that can satisfy viewers’ desire for activities. The passion of the Hunters running only for the goal of winning and the journey of the cast members who feel the joy of activities through various obstacles and games are expected to give viewers surrogate satisfaction.

‘Cashback’ production crew said, “While shooting ‘Cashback’, the heat of the set is still unforgettable. I will try to give viewers a healthy smile every Tuesday night from now on.”

tvN ‘Cashback’ is a super-sized sports game show, depicting fierce physical battles of high-ranking physical fighters. It will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on the 25th.

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