Jin Ye-sol “I feel happy while acting… I also want to appear on a variety show”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jin Ye-sol, the heroine of ‘My Brilliant Life’, greeted me with a pictorial.

Actress Jin Ye-sol, who plays the role of the main character Go Sang-ah in the MBC drama ‘My Brilliant Life’, was selected as the cover model for the September issue of the Women’s Chosun and showed off her graceful autumn goddess.

In the released pictorial, Jin Ye-Sol exudes a charm that blends elegance and enchantment by luxuriously digesting a variety of autumn fashions, from feminine white puff blouses to mannish jackets and skirts, sleeveless trench vests and layered organza trench coats. The fascinating beauty and atmosphere that each creates a different atmosphere with long straight hair and wavy style fix the eyes.

Jin Ye-Sol debuted as a public talent for the 11th SBS in 2009, and appeared in 16 dramas such as ‘The Man of Queen In-Hyeon’, ‘Can We Get Married’, ‘The Great Wife’, and ‘The Return of Bok Danji’. In particular, she plays an active role in the lead role in ‘You’re a Gift’, ‘Get Away Woon-myung’, and ‘My Brilliant Life’, and is consistently gaining love among viewers in the home with her wide digestive power and beauty that goes back and forth between lovely characters and villains. Recently, she even challenged the first screen with the movie ‘Simple Role’ (director Kim Jung-min).

Jin Ye-Sol said in an interview conducted with the pictorial, “I enjoy acting the most.” Regarding the genre or role he wants to challenge, she responded with a reversal answer of “I want to act as an action because I like exercise” and said, “Like the previous works of Jung Yoo-mi, a work that deals with the daily life and romance of a woman, or a real that can show a natural appearance. I also want to challenge the entertainment program”.

In addition, she cited inner beauty as the secret to health and body management. “Drink hot tea instead of coffee and avoid foods such as flour. I also eat little by little,” she said. In addition, various hobbies such as painting, ceramic art, and skin scuba were revealed.

The pictorial of Jin Ye-Sol, who transformed into an autumn goddess and an interview full of honest charms, can be found in the September issue of Women’s Joseon.


Photo courtesy| Women Chosun

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