Jo So-jin “After the dismantling of Nine Muses, everything was in vain” [pictorial]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Four minutes, which seemed to be unfinished, slowly permeated into my memory. The intense emotion that I received on the stage was left with a calm reverberation on one side of my heart. However, the hot and short breath in it still remained vivid at the tip of the nose.

Jo So-jin, who truly loved fans more than anyone else. She expanded her range of activities from the girl group Nine Muses to actress, but she still remembers the moments and remembers those days. Her tearing eyes reminded her of the true ‘value of love’.

Regarding the feelings of Nine Muses’ 10th anniversary, she said, “A little regrettable is that I wanted to have a fan meeting or concert to commemorate the 10th anniversary, but I can’t do it due to the Covid-19. The members likewise miss the fans too much. A lot has happened over the past 10 years, but I am very grateful to the fans who have been by my side for 10 years.”

Regarding the last fan meeting, she said, “I saw the faces of the fans who were cheering under the stage in detail. Even when I think about it now, tears come out. I could see all the faces I didn’t seem to see, even the expressions.”

Jo So-jin, who recently returned as an actor through ‘My manager is a YouTuber with 1 million followers’. Regarding the opportunity, “It was a field where I was curious while working as a singer. I’m doing it because I have a good opportunity now, but it’s more fun because I do it. The scene was really noisy because all the people who were good at speaking alone were gathered. It really felt like watching a private broadcast.”

Regarding the role she wants to challenge, “Nine Muses’ girl-crush image is also strong, so many people think I’m a charismatic woman. However, surprisingly, there are many bright areas and hairy. So, I want to play the bright and innocent role. Then I think a more natural look will come out. For example, it is the role of Deok-seon in ‘Reply 1988’ and No Soo-young in ‘Potato Byeol’.”

When asked what she would do if she wasn’t a celebrity, she said, “I’ve seen four weeks a few times and there’s no other way except this one. Or maybe I did it for fashion or beauty. If you weren’t a celebrity, you might be doing it as a model and CEO of a shopping mall or a beauty YouTuber or model.”

She, who is currently communicating with fans as a YouTuber, said, “It’s a food we eat a lot. Eat more than you think. Now, the stomach has been reduced a lot, but in the past, if you ordered spicy tteokbokki, it would be enough to eat it all by yourself.”

When asked about weight maintenance at the time of the activity, she said, “It’s okay when the activity is over, but during activities, I looked so skinny. Until the pre-recording was over, I used to endure with a cup of Americano and a little rice, or endure with only Americano.”

Regarding the slump, “After the breakup of Nine Muses, the biggest slump in life came. Even now, it’s a worry sometimes, but during the slump, I didn’t know that what I’m good at, and what I can do well. And the work I’ve been doing so far felt empty.”

Jo So-jin loves fans sincerely. Regarding the fan I remember, “It is difficult to choose one and I am a fan who remained until the end. I am grateful to all the fans who left because it was difficult in the middle, but in conclusion, the fans who stayed by the side until the end are the most memorable. I shared so many feelings. I think I will be my lifelong friend.”

When asked about what she wanted to achieve, she said, “An actor who is remembered for a long time. I want to be active for a long time and remain in the memory of people,” she said. “I want to live ordinary and happily. It sounds easy, but it’s too difficult. To be normal, you need more money and more room than you think. I want to become a life where I can feel ordinary and even happy,” she explained.

Finally, Jo So-jin said, “It is difficult to describe the feelings we feel toward fans. It’s more complicated than simply saying thank you and sorry. So, although it is difficult to express in words, I want to convey that I am so sorry, thankful, and love that I cannot express it. Let’s get along well in the future” and finished the interview.

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