‘Kim Soo-mi’s daughter-in-law’ Seo Hyo-rim “Child-raising to dogs, and my baby is sleeping”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Seo Hyo-rim shared her daily routine of raising her child with a dog.

On the 24th, Seo Hyo-rim posted on his Instagram on the 24th, “#Bok-soon-i chance. Parenting to Bok-soon-i. Parenting senior Bok-soon-i helps my baby sleeps well. Checking if she sleeps well. In the meantime, she intervenes with #mer #Raising Dog and Baby” along with a photo. Posted.

In the published photo, a dog’s image was captured staring into the stroller where Seo Hyo-rim’s baby is asleep. It is fascinating to see the dog, that has transformed into a skilled parenting senior, protecting the baby.

The netizens who saw the picture said, “It’s so cute. I think it’s really helping baby sleeps well”, “Somehow. I guess dogs recognize babies”, “I like everything I see because your family looks happy”, “Really cute mother, baby, puppy” It showed a reaction of the back.

Meanwhile, Seo Hyo-rim married actor Kim Soo-mi’s son and CEO Jeong Myung-ho, a food company, morning glory F&B, and gave birth to her first daughter in June.


Photo| Seo Hyo-rim SNS

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