‘South Korea’s first actress from North Korea’ Kim Hye-young “Defected North Korea 22 years ago with 120 million won on my back”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘South Korea’s first actress from North Korea’ Kim Hye-young shared a tense story at the time of defection.

Kim Hye-young appeared on TV Chosun’s ‘Moranbong Club’, which aired on the 23rd, and revealed the background of his defection in 1988.

Kim Hye-young said, “When I was in my 3rd year of college, I was living in a dorm in Pyongyang, and I went down to my hometown for vacation. So, late at night, I left all the housework in my house and left my body. Even if the dog I had raised that day came after me and told me to go, I didn’t go. When I saw that, my mother was sad.”

Kim Hye-young said, “It was 22 years ago, but I was wearing 100,000 dollars (about 120 million won) on my back and I defected.”

Regarding the reason for the defection, “My father ran a trade business in North Korea, but an employee escaped from a foreign country. It is difficult for my father, who is responsible for managing the staff, to escape punishment, so I thought about defecting.”

Kim Hye-young’s family, who attempted to escape from North Korea, surrendered the crisis that was almost discovered on the train, and crossed the Yalu River to China. However, he was rejected by the Korean Embassy in China and went to Vietnam, a third country.

Kim Hye-young said, “At the Vietnamese embassy, ‘I don’t feel like you are people from North Korea. I can’t believe it.’ When my mother heard it, she passed out”.

The councilor told me to stay at his house to see if we didn’t look too bad and lived there for three months.”


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