‘Trot Shindong’ Jang Song-ho says his feeling after attending Cho Hang-jo’s preview concert…”Glorious time”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jang Song-ho of ‘The original Trot talent’ shared his feelings with his senior Cho Hang-jo.

On the 24th, Jang Song-ho released a photo taken with Cho Hang-jo on his official Instagram.

In the released photo, Jang Song-ho is proud of Cho Hang-jo, while also capturing the attention of fans with his warm visuals.

In particular, Jang Song-ho said, “It was a great time to participate in the preview concert of Cho Hang-jo, who I usually respect and want to resemble. Thank you for saying a lot of good things. I will work harder.”

Jang Song-ho participated in the ‘Cho Hang-jo Audio Concert Preview’ held on Kakao TV on the 22nd, and showed unrivaled live skills on the stage of ‘Bird Flower’ and ‘Amhaengeosa’ among many senior artists, showing a sense of presence.

Currently, Jang Song-ho is showing unusual performances with Shin Sung, Cheon Myung-hoon, and Lee Do-jin through KBS1’s ‘My Hometown-Four Beats’ section of KBS1 as well as appearing on various broadcast programs.


Photo| Songho Jang’s Official SNS

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