‘Video star’ Kim Seung-soo responded to Yang Jung-ah’s confession “A woman who will never be in my life again”

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Video star’ Kim Seung-soo responds to his best friend Yang Jung-ah.

MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Video Star’, which airs on the 25th, will be decorated with a special feature of ‘Laugh One More Time Yang Tux Club’ starring actors Kim Seung-soo, Yang Jung-ah, Yoon Hae-young, and Choi Wan-jung.

Actor Kim Seung-soo, who has become his 24th year debut this year, selected MBC’s historical drama ‘Jumong’, which exceeded 50% of the highest viewership rating in 2006 as a representative work. Kim Seung-soo said, “I am still realizing the popularity of the ‘Prince of the Great and Small’, 13 years after the drama ended.” Recently, the drama was aired in Middle Eastern countries, recording an audience rating of over 80%, and thanks to its popularity, Many overseas fans are visiting Kim Seung-soo’s SNS. Kim Seung-soo proved its popularity by releasing pleasant episodes with domestic and foreign fans.

Kim Seung-soo, who appeared in ‘Video Star’ for her best friend Yang Jung-ah on this day, said, “In fact, there was another purpose,” and said that she gave a feeling of betrayal to Yang Jung-ah. In addition, it made the studio hot by telling Yang Jung-ah as “a woman who will never be in my life again.” The meaning of the surprise confession can be confirmed through the broadcast.

On the other hand, Yang Jung-ah said to Kim Seung-soo, “If it’s Seung-soo, I can live with him right now.”

In addition, Kim Seung-soo, who has played standard roles such as sons of kings and conglomerates, prosecutors, and lawyers, said, “I want to show the image of a ‘comfortable neighborhood uncle’ through this broadcast.” I was proud of it. It is said that the best friends were surprised by the great release of Kim Seung-soo’s charm.

Details from the honest love view spoken by middle-aged actress Kim Seung-soo to the moment of exhilarating eyes exchange with her best friend Yang Jung-ah will be revealed through MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 pm on the 25th.


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