‘What is study?’ Park Jong-jin’s youngest daughter Min-i sings a song, Kwon Tae-ki → Starts a project to save energy

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Jong-jin’s youngest daughter, Min-i, suffers from a sudden song boredom.

On the 25th broadcast of MBC ‘What is study?’ (planning Park Hyun-seok, producer Sun Hye-yoon), Min-i, who is struggling with a dream of becoming a musical actor, suddenly finds herself struggling with a song boredom, and her family enters a project to save their energy.

As Min-i took vocal classes professionally, her skills improved, but she showed regret that she was unable to sing while enjoying herself as before. The first daughter, In-i, who learned this, suggests a time to praise Min-i’s song to her dad. MC Shin Dong-yeop said, “I haven’t ever seen a family like that.”

The family cheered enthusiastically at Min-i’s performance, which began afterwards, and praised him for his definitely better appearance than before. Min-i, who feels better at complimenting her family, is happier than anyone else because her dad has approved her.

On the other hand, Park Jong-jin draws attention because it is markedly different from the previous broadcast. He was judged only by the name value of the university when going on to college, and now he shows the appearance of penetrating entrance examination information. However, when Min-i mentions luck when asked what to do if all colleges fall for a while, the atmosphere is formed by saying “No re-exam”.

Park Jong-jin, who wants no more entrance exams for the 6th SAT, and Min-i who wants to do the same to themselves, like the older sisters who prepared for the entrance exams casually as the second best option, came into conflict. In particular, Park Jong-jin arouses curiosity by appearing in front of his family wearing a T-shirt with the words ‘Last SAT’ written on it. As such, attention is paid to the fact that a high-level solution from experts and concerns that anyone with a high school senior can sympathize with is being developed 100 days before the 2021 SAT.

MBC ‘What is study?’ that will catch the eyes and ears of high school students and parents. The special feature of SAT D-100 can be found on the 25th at 9:30 pm.


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