‘Alley Restaurant’, moving from today (26th) to time zone… meet 35 minutes early

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS ‘Paik Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ has moved from time to time and meets with viewers every Wednesday at 10:35 pm starting today (26th).

‘Paik Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, which airs 35 minutes earlier than the existing time zone, was arranged in advance in accordance with the changed lifestyle patterns such as increased return time and home time, which were accelerated by Covid-19.

‘Paik Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ broadcasted on this day is the fourth episode of ‘Chang-dong Alley in Dobong-gu’ on the 25th alley. The CEOs of ‘Dakgangjeongjip’, who captured Paik Jong-won’s heart with a brilliant mouth before, made use of spicy garlic to anger Paik Jong-won, despite the fact that Paik Jong-won repeatedly emphasized the importance of garlic management. He couldn’t hide his regret, saying, “We have to start with the basics of food.”

Following last week, singer Lee Seung-gi from ‘Dobong-gu’ visited ‘Dakgangjeongjip’ after receiving a special mission from Paik Jong-won. To help the bosses who are researching the texture of chicken gangjeong, Lee Seung-gi even conducted a blind test of 3 types of chicken gangjeong and worked hard on the research. In addition, I made the bosses cry by giving sincere advice to the bosses until the end with the same heart.

Paik Jong-won visited the ‘NO Delivery Pizza House’ to evaluate the new menu he practiced for a week. However, it was the boss’s changed pizza cooking process that greeted Paik Jong-won, and he couldn’t hide his frustration, saying, “It’s because the boss doesn’t know the principle.”

Meanwhile, singer Kyu-hyun, who shined on her first two visits to ‘Paik Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, visited the ‘NO Delivery Pizza House’ as a ‘Pre-Tour Group’. Kyu-hyun, who surprised everyone with his keen taste evaluation at the time of his last visit to the ‘Bucheon Long Pizza House’, also gave a taste evaluation after eating ‘Tuna Pizza’ and ‘Salami Pizza’.

In addition, for the ‘meatball pasta restaurant’, which has been newly transformed into a menu suitable for the commercial district, Paik Jong-won went on a final inspection of ‘meatball pasta’, which caught not only the taste but also the characteristic visual.

The various performances of Lee Seung-gi and Kyu-hyun, who visited while boasting their unique charm, will be unveiled at ‘Paik Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, which will be broadcast at 10:35 pm on the same day.


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