Lee Seo-jin, a dandy autumn man pictorial (ft. Dimple smile)

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Seo-jin returned as a fall man.

In the pictorial released on the 25th, Lee Seo-jin showed off the charm of a gentleman with a warm smile and a trustworthy atmosphere, which are trademarks. Seojin Lee showed a sensational styling by digesting various styles, such as a detachable outer and double collar knit, which are representative items of autumn.

Lee Seo-jin presented a classic yet stylish layered look for the active senior generation under the concept of ‘CRAFTMANSHIP’ through the town casual menswear brand ‘Indian’ pictorial.

In addition, in the pictorial of ‘Brunovapi’, an Italian menswear brand, the concept of’Anyway, My way’ contains a message to support the wonderful people who choose their own path and walk the path unshaken. Brunovapi’s autumn season collection worn by Lee Seo-jin emphasized the light and cozy texture by using colors such as warm gray and beige.

An official from Wellmade said, “This season, Wellmade offers a comfortable look that blends naturally into everyday life.” I want to convey my unique style.”


Photo courtesy | Wellmade
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