‘Missing: The Other Side’ Go Soo, holding a boy, captures the escape of the soul village

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Missing: The Other Side’ depicts an urgent figure of Go Soo holding a boy tightly and exiting the rough forest is caught and catches the eye.

OCN’s new Saturday original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ (played by Ban Gi-ri Jeong So-young, director Min Yeon-hong), scheduled for the first broadcast on the 29th, is set in a soul village where the missing dead are gathered, a mystery chase that seeks the truth behind the incident. It’s fantasy. Among these, Go Soo is scheduled to play a hot role in the role of ‘Kim Wook’, a livelihood cheater who sees the soul. After falling in the village of Duon, where the missing dead are gathered, interest is amplified in the mystery that Go Soo will face.

Among them, in the public stills, the appearance of Go Soo being chased by someone is caught and attracts attention. Especially, Go Soo is with a young boy who is not alone, which adds to the curiosity of the situation. Go Soo hugs the boy tightly and runs with all his might, but from his expression, there is a trumpet that he will protect the child. At the same time, the child is leaning tightly against him, amplifying the curiosity about what kind of situation has arisen for them.

Then, the appearance of Go Soo and a boy who stopped walking as if reaching a dead end alley explodes a sense of tension. The two stopped in place without running forward or running back and running away. This raises interest in this broadcast about who the people who are pursuing them are, whether the two can get out of the village, and the reason for their mortal escape.

On the other hand, ‘Missing: The Other Side’ side said, “The escape of the mortal spirit village of a master and a boy in the play is going to be an important event that opens the door of Episode 1,” and “From Episode 1, the turbulent development will unfold. A breathtaking story that you can’t take your eyes off of for a moment will make you immerse yourself in a storm while releasing viewers’ minds, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, OCN’s new Saturday and Sunday original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm on Saturday the 29th.


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