‘My Fantasy House’ Lee Seung-yoon “Iron Man House, building cost 3 billion + heating cost 2.5 million won”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘My Fantasy House’ Lee Seung-yoon shared his feelings of living in the 628m2 Iron Man House.

The SBS entertainment program ‘My Fantasy House’, broadcasted on the 25th, contained the image of the Lee Seung-yoon family experiencing the 628m2 Iron Man House.

On this day, Lee Seung-yoon started cleaning after having fun playing in the pool with his family. After sweating and cleaning, he said, “There was no such thing in my imagination. It was so big that it was difficult. I thought it didn’t have to be this size,” he regretted and laughed.

Afterwards, the owner of Iron Man House surprised everyone by saying, “It cost 3 billion 12 years ago” when asked about the construction cost. Lee Seung-yoon, who watched this in the studio, said, “It is said that it costs 2.5 million won for heating,” and revealed that it was a real dream home.

After the broadcast, Lee Seung-yoon said on his SNS, “There is also the happiness that a large space gives, but in the end, I suddenly realize that I can become happier by increasing the space of my heart. I posted a photo taken at Iron Man House along with the article “My Fantasy House, which made me feel a lot.”


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