‘School Story-8 Years’ Lee Gyu-seong, a remarkable performance ‘criminal transformation’ that makes you forget ‘When Camellia blooms’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The cine drama ‘School Story’ is released in the order of ‘8 Years’ starring Song Won-seok, Joo Woo-jae, and Lee Gyu-seong, ‘The Child Who Doesn’t Come’ starring Kim So-hye, and ‘Retribution’ starring Han Seung-yeon. After the first release on KT Seezn (season) on the 27th, it will be released on September 3rd on KT IPTV Olleh tv and on September 12th on TV CHOSUN.

Meanwhile, the intense first still of Lee Gyu-seong in the cinematic drama ‘School Story-8 Years’ is released and overwhelms the attention. Lee Gyu-seong’s profound gaze robs the gaze and amplifies curiosity at once what he was so surprised at seeing.

Cine drama ‘School Story’ (produced by Kotop Media) is an omnibus drama composed of three episodes: ‘8 years’,’a child who doesn’t come’, and ‘retribution’. Among them, 8 years ago, a terrible murder occurred in a rural village. The memory of the killer is distorted and the spirits of the victims do not remember their death. Eight years later, they describe the story of meeting them again at the scene of the incident. In relation to this, Lee Gyu-seong played the role of ‘Cheol-min’, an avid detective who uncovers the mysterious serial murder case that occurs at Eungbo High School.

‘School Story-8 Years’ side attracted attention by revealing the steel of Lee Gyu-seong, who is fully operating the passionate detective mode on the 26th. In the unveiled still, Lee Gyu-seong is frowning on his eyebrows. In his gleaming eyes as he looks closely at the picture, his willingness to find a mysterious serial killer wrapped in a veil makes the viewer’s heart squeeze. In particular, Lee Gyu-seong wears a khaki-colored night dress and exudes a harsh force peculiar to a detective. Steel alone overwhelms the atmosphere, raising expectations for the first broadcast.

In another still, Lee Gyu-seong is astonished as if he found something, and he robbed his eyes. Lee Gyu-seong’s shocked rabbit eyes stimulate curiosity about what kind of content is contained in the picture he is looking at. In particular, the expression of Lee Gyu-seong, who can’t take his eyes off the photographs, is embarrassed by the embarrassing expression, which raises viewers’ curiosity.

The production crew of the cinema drama ‘School Story-8 Years’ said, “Lee Gyu-seong shows a realistic passionate detective acting by giving detailed changes with his eyes, facial expressions, and tone. I was fascinated. I hope that his charm will be conveyed to the viewers through the CRT.”

“I am confident in the life character of Lee Gyu-seong who will make me forget his character in When Camellia Blooms. Please check with this broadcast whether Cheol-min can reveal the identity of the veiled serial killer in the play,” he said. “School Story-8 Years,” lit the hearts of prospective viewers waiting for the first broadcast.


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