‘Yoo Quiz’ road color guide line → The founder of seasoned chicken meets ‘creative men’ who changed the world

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ meets creative men who have changed the world beyond Korea.

In the 69th episode of’You Quiz on the Block (Director Kim Min-seok)’ broadcast at 9 pm on the 26th, ‘Who made this?’ A special feature unfolds. To enlist the protagonists of special ideas that make you think, “Who really made this?” The founder of the road color guideline, the founder of seasoned chicken, the developer of the moving rabbit hat, and the developer of the super pumpkin appear as a Youquizer to solve viewers’ curiosity. In addition, a surprise congratulation for Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho, who celebrated their birthday in August, are expected to be held.

Yoon Seok-deok, deputy design manager of the Anseong Yongin Construction Project Group of the Korea Expressway Corporation, tells an interesting story about road-colored guide lines. Not only the reason for suggesting the pink and green guide lines on the road, but also the frank feeling that he is suffering from a recent ‘star disease’ as the one who drastically reduced traffic accidents with one’line’ makes the two self-confident. “I haven’t ever imagined that I would appear in ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’,” he said. With his nervous humor and the pleasant aspect of the family together, laughter did not stop throughout the recording.

Next, Yoo Quiz on the Block meets with Yoon Jong-gye, the originator of the world’s first seasoned chicken, and have a rich conversation about soused chicken. From the secret story of the birth of soused chicken that made people around the world shout ‘half fried chicken, half soused chicken, and lots of radish’ Until the story he gave, his challenging mind that “you must do what others don’t do first” is revealed. In order to compete in good faith with latecomers, it is known that the company gave up its patent application and gave up its unique management philosophy, and it is known that it has created the resilience of the two.

Kwon Yong-tae, a developer of moving rabbit hats who captured the world, also attracts attention. Despite the fact that the rabbit hat has been reborn as the best trendy item, he said that he did not make a lot of money contrary to the expectations around him, raising curiosity about the background. In addition, former Supreme Court Justice Park Il-hwan, who appeared as a Youquizer in the last ‘Constitution Day’ special feature, is expected to be beneficial by providing information on patents that can protect the rights of developers.

Yang Jae-myeong, who is cultivating 400kg pumpkins for the first time in Korea, introduces an episode related to super pumpkins. The story behind the development of the super pumpkin, the growth diary, etc., as the father of the super pumpkin, reveals his extraordinary love and sense of mission for a world record. He wakes up from dawn and looks at the Super Pumpkin for two hours a day, and his sense of entertainment, which he revealed that he constantly tries to talk with Super Pumpkin, will cause laughter.

On this day, the image of Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho, who visit ‘Huam-dong Stationery’ again is also drawn. In the fall of last year, in front of Huam-dong Elementary School, Ham Beom-nyeo, who has been running a stationery store for 40 years, brings the story of a warm life to the home theater. She thought about closing the store after the loss of her husband, but she, who regained her heart with the support of the local children, confesses the reason for the sudden decision to close. She decided to leave the stationery store with all the memories of her husband and children in the school, and he blew her eyes, revealing his unexpected future plans in a cool way that brought on the smiles of Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho.

PD Kim Min-seok, who was in charge of directing, said, “In episode 69, we are going on a people trip with them who changed the world with brilliant ideas. It will be a time to release our curiosity for knowing who the developers of the things we eat, write, and enjoy in our daily lives”.

tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ airs every Wednesday at 9 pm.


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