Jeon So-mi “Top singer after solo debut, feeling rewarded” [Pictorial]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

A fashion film containing singer Jeon So-mi’s intense charisma has been released.

Fashion magazine ELLE unveiled a cover star fashion film with Jeon So-mi on the 26th.

Although it is a short video of about 40 seconds, Jeon So-mi caught the eye at once by revealing the hidden strong charisma. In particular, she perfectly digests unique styles such as an outer with a gorgeous pattern and a shirt with lace accents, revealing the charm of coexistence of intensity and loveliness.

In addition, Jeon So-mi expressed her feelings about decorating the cover by saying, “I was confident that I was shooting with ‘Louis Vuitton’, and I tried my best to make it more fun today.”

When asked about her favorite color, Jeon So-mi said, “Personally, I like brown. People around me ask if they only wear brown clothes, brown bags, brown socks, and brown shoes,” she explained. “Brown is my favorite personal color, and red is also my favorite color.”

Jeon So-mi continued, “While doing ‘What You Waiting For’, she won first place. It was the first time I received it while doing solo activities, so I felt like I was receiving a tremendous reward. It is also a very valuable trophy because it is a song that has been prepared hard for a very long time. With this opportunity, I think I should continue to aim for No. 1 and continue my activities.”

Meanwhile, Jeon So-mi finished her broadcast activities with her second single ‘What You Waiting For’, and continues to meet fans with various contents.

Photo courtesy of ELLE YouTube capture

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