‘Love Revolution’ Park Ji-hoon x Lee Ruby x Young-hoon behind the scenes…

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Kakao M’s original digital drama ‘Love Revolution’ (produced Merry Christmas) will be released on September 1, with the behind-the-scenes footage of the filming scenes of actors of their age, such as Park Ji-hoon, Lee Ruby, and Young-hoon, ahead of the first release of Kakao TV.

In particular, actors who boast perfect synchronization rates with the original characters, such as Park Ji-hoon in the role of ‘Gong Ju-young’, Lee Ruby in the role of’Wang Ja-rim’, and Young-hoon, the role of ‘Lee Gyeong-woo’, are Even the real personality showed a look that resembled the character and added anticipation.

In particular, Park Ji-hoon, who revealed that the character of ‘Gong Ju-young’, “A lot of playfulness resembles me,” is raising the atmosphere of the filming scene with a subtle comedy and playful charm. Among male friends such as Young-hoon (Lee Gyeong-woo), he is working as an atmosphere maker that makes the scene a sea of laughter with a violent rhythmic dance, or by witty conversations with actors even during waiting times.

Young-hoon, who plays the role of ‘Lee Gyeong-woo’, who is a promising cold-looking man in the play, also reveals the chemistry of ‘Best friend’ who falls into chattering with Park Ji-hoon and other friends when preparing for the filming, looking forward to seeing how their filming chemistry will melt into the work. Are collecting.

Jung Da-eun, who plays the role of ‘Yang Min-ji’ who will portray the friendship of real high school girls with ‘Wang Ja-rim’, and ‘Kim Byeong-hun’, played by Go Chan-bin, will lead a pleasant atmosphere with Da-young, who plays the role of ‘O Ah-ram’ and his best friends, ‘Gong Ju-young’ and ‘Lee Gyeong-woo’. And Ahn Do-gyu plays the role of ‘Ahn Kyung-min’, conveyed a friendly atmosphere of the scene. Actors are raising expectations for the first episode of the ‘Love Revolution’, which is about a week ahead, as if he were dealing with his high school alumni friends, saying, “I feel like I am in real school” and “I got close to other actors.”

On the other hand, even in the actors ‘Real friends Moment’, the strange spirit of Park Ji-hoon and Lee Ruby, who are in charge of a fresh high school student couple, also attracts attention. In the behind-the-scenes of the two actors’ filming, Park Ji-hoon’s playful figure was caught dancing in the form of fluttering behind Lee Ruby, and as soon as Lee Ruby turned her head, she stopped dancing and smoked as if it was. ‘Gong Ju-yeong and Wang Ja-rim’, who will act as if they are seeing a cute and charming boyfriend ‘Gong Ju-young’ and ‘Wang Ja-rim’, a girlfriend who is also interested in the charm of Princess Young while being chic. ‘Expectations for Love Line in the couple’s play are rising.

Kakao M’s original digital drama ‘Love Revolution’ is a new concept that unfolds around the tough information and goddess ‘Wang Ja-rim (played by Lee Ruby)’ and ‘Gong Ju-young (played by Park Ji-hoon)’, a lovely straight man who fell in love with her at a glance. It is based on the webtoon of the same name of 232 authors, and has been ranked first in the Thursday webtoon since the 2013 serialization on Naver Webtoon, with a rating of 9.9 points, and has been loved by people in their teens and 20s. It is planning to capture teens’ love, friendship, and dreams in a realistic way that fits the sensibility of these days.

On September 1, Kakao Talk’s ‘Kakao TV Channel’ and ‘#Kakao TV’ newly added to the #Tab (Shop Tab), will be released for the first time through Naver Series On, with a total of 30 episodes each Thursday.


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