‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ Jeon In-hwa and Hwang Shin-hye still revealed, sweet mom vs. perfect mom

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The first stills of the legendary goddess Jeon In-hwa and Hwang Shin-hye of ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ was revealed.

In KBS2’s new weekend drama, ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’, the two actresses, each with the title of the original people’s first love and computer beauty, reunited in the KBS weekend drama after 30 years after KBS ‘Ambitions’ in 1990 and gathered topics. Accordingly, the two actors’ acting different types of ‘Mom’ and the ‘Legend’ beauty confrontation summoning the past are also’Oh! It emerged as a point of watching ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’

First, Soon-jeong, who raised three siblings, Lee Bit Chaewoon (Jin Ki-joo), Lee Haeden (Bona), and Lee Rahun(Ryeowoon) alone, is a veteran housekeeper with 30 years of experience and a manager of Samkwang Villa. She is a warm mother who always embraces the three siblings with gentle smiles without frowning on her face even in such a difficult life. Besides, she always devote to her children. Even in the public image, she talks with her children and smiles as if she has the world. She am always apologetic for the fact that she can only support her rather than help, and she’s a devoted mother for the three siblings who prepare house meals filled with sincerity every day with the spirit of ‘never making her children hungry’.

Next, the perfect mother Jeong-won, who doesn’t miss anything either at work or at home, is called ‘Joan of Arc in the fashion world’ and is the CEO who takes control of the employees. She clearly separates public and private affairs, and her daughter Jang Seo-ah (Han Bo-reum), who is in charge of the company’s headquarters, is a cool boss, but when she and two are together, she is a reassuring mother who accepts pampering and protects her self-esteem with praise baptism. Looking at the published still cut, an elegant smile is embedded in the charisma of a CEO representing a company. She is literally the perfect ‘Wannabe’ mom who helps her to grow both work and mental with serious and realistic advice.

Like this, the motherly love of two mothers has the same love for their children, but their ways of expressing their love and areas that can help are all different.

The production crew said, “Beyond the ‘mother’ character that has been typically portrayed in weekend dramas, we try to talk about various unstructured maternal love. Also,’Oh! Samkwang Villa!’, each of us will do our best to deliver a message of support to all mothers in this age who love their children in their own way.”

‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ is a new concept family drama that depicts the process of people who gathered in the Samkwang Villa with various stories, but came to settle due to the kindness of Soon-jeong, a great feeling here.

Writer Yoon Kyung-ah, who wrote ‘Please Mom,’ and director Hong Seok-gu, who directed’My Only One’, united as ‘Weekend Play Avengers’. It will be aired for the first time at 7:55 pm on the 19th, following ‘Once Again’.


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