OnlyOneOf “I got an idea from the new songs ‘a sOng Of ice & fire’ was motivated by the ‘Game of Thrones’”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group OnlyOneOf  introduced a new song ‘a sOng Of ice & fire’.

OnlyOneOf (Nine, Mill, Junji, Love, Yoojoung, KB) held a press conference to commemorate the release of the new album ‘Produced by [] Part 2’ through the YouTube channel at 4 pm on the 27th, and released the new song.

On this day, Love is based on the original song “Game of Thrones” for the new song ‘a sOng Of ice & fire’. If we talked about the conflict between ice and fire in the original, we compared it to the real man and woman. OnlyOneOf’s more advanced performance and music will be waiting.”

In addition, when asked what kind of appearance he wants to show through his new album, Yoojoung said, “We showed various aspects such as sexy and refreshing since our debut. This time, there is a sexy and dreamy feeling that fits the concept of ‘fire and water’. “We will show off the aspects of ‘the king of stage’ and ‘the king of concepts’.”

Meanwhile, the title song ‘a sOng Of ice & fire’ is a song in collaboration with Groovy Room and was created based on the original novel of the world-class blockbuster’Game of Thrones’. If the original work depicted a fight of fire and ice, Only One of expressed it as music by comparing men and women in reality. Released at 6 p.m. that day.

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