‘Private life’ Seohyun “I always wanted to do it no matter what!”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

No one would have imagined the image of actor Seohyun as a ‘swindler’. However, she challenged her transformation. He chose the role of ‘Cha Ju-eun’, a life-type fraudster of JTBC’s ‘Private Life’. What was the driving force behind Seohyun to make such a bold choice?

Cha Ju-eun of JTBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Private Life’ (played by Yoo Sung-Yeol, Director Nam Geon, produced Doremi Entertainment) is a ‘born-to-be scammer’ who has learned technology from the parents of scammers from an early age. She is a pro ‘livelihood scammer’. “As soon as I read the script, I thought, ‘I really want to do this work and character no matter what happens,’” said Seohyun, who lost luck and added, “I remember reading the script for one day. It was interesting enough to not know the time passed. And talked step by step about the reason for choosing the work”.

The charm of the character is also an indispensable reason. Seohyun literally said, “Everything in my daily life was stained with lies and fraud without my knowledge.” Then, she explained, “As I grew up watching and learning ‘fraud’ naturally through my parents, I realized the principle of the world flowing faster than my peers, and I have an excellent sense of reality such as grasping my situation objectively.” Because of this background, “I had a proud, active, and unstoppable momentum, but this strong-looking exterior came from a defense mechanism that could not easily trust people. When it comes to love, he had a weaker and weaker heart than anyone else,” which was the charm that Seohyun attracted.

When I took on the role I really wanted to play, Seohyun-like sincere and passionate analysis and preparation were accompanied. In particular, the point was that Cha Ju-eun was excellent in disguise. “I gained relevant knowledge by browsing books and documentaries related to various occupations. Also, in order to express Cha Ju-eun’s feelings that change depending on the situation, she chose her clothes more carefully.” Above all, “the brilliant speech and quick judgment of the situation were more important points than styling. Cha Joo-eun’s ability is also because he has the power to truly believe lies,” she said. “Even so, I tried to bring out the various personality and aspects of Ju-eun from the way I have, so that I do not feel the artificial feeling of simply following someone.” It was a glimpse of Seohyun’s sincere enthusiasm to complete the character Cha Ju-eun.

As the filming progressed, the affection for the work grew even more. In particular, the “chemistry between actors” is the point where Seohyun also raised his thumb. About Go Gyeong-pyo, the role of ‘Lee Jeong-hwan’ who has already gotten the nickname ‘New Town Couple’ on social media, “He’s an actor who’s as cool on the inside as the outside. There is less tension because you are always considerate in the field. That’s why it seems like a more beautiful and exciting scene comes out.” About Kim Hyo-jin, who plays the role of ‘Jung Bok-ki’, the top 1% scammer, “Before the filming, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly thanks to her. But when the filming begins, her eyes start to change. I am always admired by that appearance.” In addition, “I like film a drama with seniors Kim Young-min, Park Seong-geun, and Song Sun-mi too, so the Chin chemistry comes out. Thanks to that, the site is very happy.”

Lastly, Seohyun, who conveyed her wish, “I hope that it will be a drama that provides an opportunity for us to think deeply about the truth we must face without forgetting even in a world where we are deceived and deceived”. “For a moment, forget the difficult reality through ‘private life’, I hope you feel the cool and refreshing cider. I hope that the viewers will also fall in love with Ju-eun, who is deprived of my heart.”

‘Private Life’ is an exhilarating scam play drama in the era of sharing, stealing, and manipulating private life, in which scammers mobilize all their skills to uncover the huge’private life’ of the country. Director Nam Geon, recognized for his delicate yet powerful directing through ‘The Big Hit’ and’Temperature of Love’, and Yoo Seong-yeol, who has a fanbase of fanatics who are enthusiastic about the detailed narratives of ‘The Heartless Poetry’ and ‘My Beautiful Bride’ to be. It will be broadcast for the first time at JTBC in September, following ‘Was it Love?’

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