Soyoo ‘Good Morning FM’ special DJ… Jang Seong-gyu vacant seat OK

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Soyoo has transformed into a radio DJ and is showing off.

Soyoo appeared on MBC FM4U ‘Good Morning FM I’m Jang Seong-gyu’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Good Morning FM’) broadcasted on the morning of the 27th, and finished the role of a special DJ with flowing natural progress.

Soyoo appeared in a surprise interview in ‘Good Morning FM’ broadcasted on the 26th, and her performance as a special DJ was announced, raising the expectations of listeners. On the official SNS of ‘Good Morning FM’, it said, “We will be with you from today to Sunday as a special DJ Soyoo who ran from this early morning for my first week off after social life.”

Soyoo, who became a radio special DJ, appeared wearing glasses in a casual style blue jacket, revealing her innocent and sophisticated charm. Such Soyoo opened the door of the morning radio broadcast to announce the start of the day by greeting the listeners brightly, and showed his versatile capabilities by naturally digesting news progress and quizzes.

In addition, Soyoo made a smile to the listeners by revealing a unique chemistry with the guests on this day, and when SISTAR’s ‘SHAKE IT’ came out as a recommended song, it brightened the hearts of those who stood up and danced with excitement.

So far, Soyoo has been active in various fields such as various entertainment programs, radio and acting as well as music activities. Recently, through the YouTube channel ‘Soyoo gi’, she is captivating the hearts of fans with content that contains her own bouncing charm and honest and pleasant daily life. Accordingly, expectations are rising for the appearance that Soyoo will show through ‘Good Morning FM’ until the 30th.

Meanwhile, Soyoo recently acted as a digital single ‘GOTTA GO’.

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