GFriend Yuju participates in ‘Alice’ OST…released today (28th) at 6pm

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Secret (Feat.ISHXRK)’, the first OST of ‘Alice’, sung by Yuju of GFriend  will be released today (28th) at 6pm.

With ‘Secret’, the OST of Alice, that Ju Won and Kim Hee-sun appears, we can hear sweet voice of top girl band, GFriend’s Yuju.

‘Alice’ is a human science fiction drama about a woman who resembles her dead mother and a man who has lost her emotions. It is attracting attention as the most anticipated work in the second half of 2020 before the broadcast, predicting an exciting story, inspiring characters, powerful actors, and things to see.

As the first runner of the’ Alice’ OST, GFriend Yuju adds strength to the drama with a song called ‘Secret (Feat. ISHXRK)’. Yuju, who proved her singing skills by participating in drama OSTs such as ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’, ‘Revenge Is Back’, and ‘Was it Love’, will show off a cool yet explosive voice and fully digest this song to convey the emotion of the drama. to be.

‘Secret (Feat. ISHXRK)’ is a song that received a great response just by revealing the teaser sound, thanks to rap skill of ISHXRK and vocal of Yuju. Through this dark but colorful song, Yuju’s musical transformation can be seen, and ISHXRK’s rap flow together added a more sophisticated atmosphere to the song.

This song is expected to raise the sense of immersion in the drama as it contains the meaning that the heart for the important person does not change even if the past and future, time and space change. Composing and lyricist is expected to show high-quality songs by direct production of music director Park Se-joon and Woo Ji-hoon, music director of ‘Alice’, and author Woo Ji-hoon.

The first OST ‘Secret’ of SBS ‘Alice’, which airs for the first time at 10 pm today (28th), will be released on various music sites at 6 pm today (28th).

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