Kwon Jae-hee’s marriage testimony “Let’s not go against expectations… I will live with respect and gratitude” [Interview]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kwon Jae-hee (58) is dating professor Han Hong-gu (61) of Sungkonghoe University today (28th). On this day, only family members and relatives from around Seoul are present, and they make their own marriage vows.

Kwon Jae-hee said in a telephone interview with Maeil Business Daily Star Today shortly after the wedding report last week, “I will live hard so that I do not go against expectations as much as many people bless me.” I gave my impressions.

Kwon Jae-hee expressed her deep trust and respect for Professor Han Hong-gu. “First of all, it’s wonderful to see the values fit so well and to devote passionately to work. I am very respectful in that regard.”

Kwon Jae-hee did not forget her warm advice as a senior in life and a senior in marriage. “The couple should be based on compassion. Why won’t there be any hard work in life? Each has lived a different life for nearly 60 years, and everyone will be stubborn because they are old people. It may not be easy to be together, but we must comfort each other, love, respect, and live with gratitude. I will live like that.”

Kwon Jae-hee, who was born in Miss Lotte and debuted as a public recruitment talent for KBS 8th, starred in a number of movies, dramas, and plays in the 1980s and 1990s. Committed to parenting after marriage After a comeback with the 2000s drama ‘Ajumma’, she appeared in the 2015 SBS drama ‘My Mother is Daughter-in-law’ and in the 2016 MBC morning drama ‘Good Morning’. Her ex-husband, Lee Ha-won, a comedian, died on November 25, 2016 after fighting liver cancer.

Professor Han Hong-gu is the grandson of independence activist Han Ki-ak and the son of Han Man-nyeon, the founder of the publishing company Iljokak. After graduating from Seoul National University’s Department of Korean History, he received a Ph.D. As a representative progressive historian, he has been a professor at Sungkonghoe University since 2000.
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