Lim Na-young x Song Yoo-jeong donated talent for the narration of the space welfare campaign

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lim Na-young and Song Yoo-jeong made a donation of voice talent for the spatial welfare of facilities for the disabled.

Singer and actor Lim Na-young and actor Song Yoo-jeong introduced the campaign and encouraged participation in the ‘Space Welfare Campaign for Renovation of Small Handicapped Facilities-The Joy of Space, Let’s Gift Together!’ promoted by the social welfare corporation Warm Accompaniment. We were together through donation.

This campaign, in which Lim Na-young and Song Yoo-Jung contributed their narration talents, is to renovate old facilities for a safe and comfortable environment for facilities with disabilities, and promote a spatial welfare support project that creates a barrier-free environment with a universal design that considers the types of disabilities. It is a fundraising campaign for people.

Lim Na-young said, “It is a campaign to support small-scale facilities for the disabled in a poor environment, so we participated meaningfully”.

Song Yoo-jeong, who has been active as a warm companion ambassador for 7 years and participates in continuous and active sharing, encouraging more people to participate in donation. “With an improved space for the type of disability, the lives of the disabled will change and create a warm world without disabilities.” she said.

This campaign has been running on the Kakao Social Contribution Platform ‘Shared Value’ website from August 27th. Anyone can easily participate by writing comments, cheering, sharing, and direct donation.

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