‘Love Revolution’ Park Ji-hoon x Lee Ruby, expecting a sweet and exciting chemistry↑

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‘Love Revolution’ Park Ji-hoon and Lee Ruby are transformed into handsome, beautiful high school students, and show off a new concept of fresh comedy romance!

Kakao M drama ‘Love Revolution (produced Merry Christmas)’, which airs on September 1, released a highlight video, while Park Ji-hoon as ‘Gong Ju-yeong’ and Lee Ruby as ‘Wang Ja-rim’ popping and unpredictable love line are interesting. It is being concentrated. From the first meeting between Park Ji-hoon and Lee Ruby, Park Ji-hoon’s infinitely straightforward love affair, and the strange flow of affection formed between the two, the expectation for the first room is already rising from the sweet couple chemistry of the two.

In the highlight video, Park Ji-Hoon and Lee Ruby play the roles of ‘Gong Ju-young’, a boy who is devoted to his first love, and ‘Wang Ja-rim’, a cool-water-scented beauty, respectively, and are attracting attention as a couple with a unique atmosphere. Park Ji-hoon, the role of ‘Gong Ju-young’, fell in love with ‘Wang Ja-rim’, shortly after seeing her, making infinite aegyo and confession to captivate her heart, playing the guitar, singing songs, and so on. On the other hand, Lee Ruby, who plays the chic ‘Wang Ja-rim’, is initially burdened by Park Ji-hoon’s overflowing offensive of affection, but Park Ji-hoon groaned in front of her eyes and naturally falls into his charm.

In particular, the scene where the two are soaked in the rain on the day when the rain is pouring and struggling in front of the house is particularly exciting. Lee Ruby misunderstood that she hates her, “Now I won’t bother you.” Park Ji-hoon tries to turn around and put on the clothes she had, and Lee Ruby’s inner worries, saying, “Be careful of flu”.

It is expected that romance that induces’heartbeat’ will unfold in earnest with an interstitial atmosphere in which both sides of the affection front are sensed in the exchange of their eyes.

In addition, friends who will show a pleasant high school life with Gong Ju-young and Wang Ja-rim are also slightly revealed, predicting the laughter and sympathy of the’real meal’ emotion. In particular, Young-hoon, who plays the role of ‘Lee Gyeong-woo’, a cold-looking handsome man, is a ‘good-looking high school student’ who has a unique visual that catches the eye even if he is wearing only a school uniform, while sticking to his best friend ‘Gong Ju-young’ and playing mobile games.

In addition, the best friends of ‘Wang Ja-rim’,’Yang Min-ji(Jung Da-eun)’,’Oh Ah-ram(Da-young)’, and friends of ‘Gong Ju-young’,’Kim Byeong-hun(Go Chan-bin)’, ‘Ahn Kyung-min(Ahn Do-gyu)’, are expected to show a childish and playful appearance sometimes, and a sincere friendship sometimes.

Kakao M drama ‘Love Revolution’ is a new concept comedy romance centered on a couple of tough information and goddess ‘Wang Ja-rim (played by Lee Ruby)’ and ‘Gong Ju-young (played by Park Ji-hoon)’. It will be released for the first time on September 1 through ‘Kakao TV Channel’ and ‘#Kakao TV’ and Naver Series On. Every Thursday, 20 minutes each, a total of 30 episodes will be released.


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