‘We Play 2’ Kang Ho-dong, perfect beef grilled meat, making Na Tae-ju X Ryu Ji-gwang fiercely compete

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘We Play 2’, Kang Ho-dong steals the hearts of the cast with a perfect beef grill.

At 7:45 pm on the 29th, ‘We Play Season 2’ will broadcast the escape of the Ocean Boys who arrived at the ‘Aqua Temple’ where the Poseidon brothers, the god of the sea, live.

The Marine Boys are struggling to find the location of the ‘Mystery Pearl’ through various quests such as ‘The Tower of God’, which builds a tower out of meat, and ‘The Horse Dminton Quest’, where you sit on a toy horse and play badminton.

According to PD Kim Joo-hyung, who directed ‘We Play Season 2’, the seven members have a surprise serve attack and audio unfolding storm talk throughout the quest of ‘Evil Deminton’. It is said that the recording site has become a sea of laughter due to the world’s deadly play.

Meanwhile, Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Haha, Jeong Hyuk, Ha Sung-woon, JR, and Hwang Je-seong are said to have exercised indomitable concentration on the ‘Tower of God’ quest to eat freshly baked beef. On this day’s broadcast, Kang Ho-dong, called ‘pig’, was infinitely stimulating the desire to compete with the seven members with ‘Taeseidon’ Na Tae-ju and ‘Gwangseidon’ Ryu Ji-gwang, by grilling beef.

On this day, JR, the official youngest member of ‘Weplay Season 2’, called himself ‘God of Jenga’ and declared that he would become a ‘high level’ through this game, and he said that he made his brothers happy. Can JR succeed in leveling up by building a meat tower?

‘We Play Season 2’, which will fill up Saturday evenings from the horse deminton game to building a dizzy beef tower, will be held at NQQ, SBS F!L on the 29th at 7:45 pm, SKY, SBS. It will be aired on MTV at 7:45 pm on the 30th. You can also check out KT’s online video (OTT) service ‘Seezn’.


Photo courtesy| NQQ
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