‘Youth Record’ Park Bo-gum support family… Just by looking at the photos, the’sweetness’ surged

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Youth Record’ The story of a family that will share the growth of Park Bo-gum gives a broad sympathy.

On the 28th, the side of tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Youth Record’ (played by Ha Myung-hee, directing Ahn Gil-ho), which airs for the first time on September 7th, raises expectations by revealing the appearance of the family of Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) boasting a pleasant synergy.

‘Youth Record’ depicts the growth records of youth who are striving to achieve their dreams and love without despair against the walls of reality. The youth of this age, where even dreaming has become a luxury, and the passionate records of those who go straight toward their dreams in their own way give excitement and sympathy. Here, Park Bo-Gum, Park So-dam, and Byun Woo-seok will unravel the face of youth realistically. In addition, the meeting of acting veterans such as Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra, who do not need an explanation, adds to the expectation.

In the photos released on this day, the personality of the Sa Hye-jun family is arousing interest. Sa Young-nam (Park Soo-young) sitting on the sofa with a worldly expression. On a windless day, his back is turning. The average young man, who loves his family more than anyone, but is poor at expressing his emotions, has become a habit of nagging his son, struggling for his dreams he can’t catch. On the contrary, her daughter-in-law Han Ae-suk (played by Ha Hee-ra) and her father-in-law Sa Min-ki (played by Han Jin-hee) are laughing. He is a reliable volunteer who always warmly embraces Sa Hye-jun, who grows the dream of becoming an’actor’ with his own power, without giving in to the harsh reality and difficult reality around him.

It is also interesting to see Sa Gyeong-jun (Lee Jae-won), who has fallen into the newspaper, with a calm appearance no matter what happens in the house. Sa Gyeong-jun is the easiest model student in the world to study and a self-centered person. He is a brother who is 180 degrees different in visual and personality from his younger brother, Sa Hye-jun. A brother who is a one-year-old Sa Hye-jun, who is struggling with her everyday life, cannot hate him. Park Bo-gum and Lee Jae-won add fun to the play with the talented ‘Tikitaka’ of the real brothers.

Above all, the warm relationship between grandson Sa Hye-jun and grandfather Sa Min-ki stimulates curiosity. Sa Min-ki, a loving grandfather who cherishes and cheers for his grandson who inherited his talent. The reason is different from Sa Hye-jun, but he is someone who worries about other family’s views at home. The appearance of encouraging each other while shouting strong fighting makes the hearts of the viewers warm.

The activities of Sa Min-ki and Sa Young-nam, the rich man are also expected. Although he is shabby and nothing to see now, Sa Min-ki spent his splendid youth with an extraordinary talent’. Since Sa Young-nam was always dissatisfied with such a father, he is always worried about the future of his son, Sa Hye-jun, whose dream is. A family who accidentally hurts with thorny words. The two rich men in the picture cause laughter for some reason.

The production crew of ‘Youth Record’ said, “Sometimes it hurts with harsh words, but the realistic story of a family that becomes a haven with endless love will provide not only pleasant laughter but also warm empathy. Please look forward to the story,” he said.

On the other hand, tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Youth Record’ will be aired for the first time on tvN at 9 pm on Monday, September 7.


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