ATEEZ Yeo-sang X Min-gi participated in ‘Star Bookstore’… even talent donation in ten days

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group ATEEZ members Yeo-sang and Min-gi donated voice talents. Participating in the Naver audio clip ‘Star Bookstore’.

‘Star Bookstore’ is a project in which stars read children’s books directly for children of reading-vulnerable class who do not have a lot of access to children’s books for various reasons. .

ATEEZ’s Yeo-sang and Min-gi, who participated in the recording, said, “I am new and proud to read the children’s books that my parents or teachers did for me when I was younger. Our small strength can be a great influence, so please listen to it.”

ATEEZ, who made a comeback with the new album ‘Zero: Fever Part. 1’ last month, continued their constant activities with ‘Thanks’ after the double title song ‘Inception’, and recently appeared on KBS2’s ‘Immortal Songs’ and won the final victory at the same time. He grabbed more attention and received more attention. Among these, he is participating in a warm talent donation and conveying good influence.

Following the opening of the ‘Park Bak Gourd’ read by Yeo-sang on the 31st, the ‘Gift from the North wind’ read by Min-gi will be revealed on September 3rd.

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