Choi Hee reveals the latest situation during pregnancy “Prepare for my dad’s birthday”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Choi Hee revealed the current situation during pregnancy.

On the 30th, Choi Hee released a photo on Instagram along with a post saying, “I’ve prepared a birthday for my dad.”

In the photo, Choi Hee is cooking, such as singing seaweed. Choi-hee’s belly is noticeably larger and catches the eye.

Choi-hee said, “I had difficulty in cooking as I’m poor at cook, but my mom went back and finished well,” said Choi. “But when I ate all the meals and laid it on the couch because it was so hard, my dad said, ‘I’m sorry.’ I did,” she expressed his filial piety.

Meanwhile, Choi Hee married the general public in April and disclosed the pregnancy on social media in June.

Photo| Choihee SNS
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