Kim Hak-rae and Lim Mi-suk, showed their handsome son, looking like Yoo Ah-in…”I can’t be No.1″

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The son of a couple Kim Hak-rae and Lim Mi-suk appeared in ‘I can’t be No. 1’ and drew attention with his warm appearance.

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘I Can’t be No.1’, broadcast on the 30th, the marriage life of the couple Kim Hak-rae and Lim Mi-suk, the second couple in the gag world, was shown.

On this day’s broadcast, Kim Dong-young, a son with a bright appearance,  visited a shop run by Lim Mi-suk, catching the eyes of viewers. While all the cast members were amazed at the son’s visual, Kang Jae-jun admired, “He looks like Yoo Ah-in.”

Park Mi-sun, who has watched Kim Dong-young since childhood, recalled, “In the past, he was chubby, but he become tall and nice guy. He was really big. He played ice hockey.” Kim Hak-rae and Lim Mi-suk boasted of their son saying, “He did exercise very hard.”

Kim Dong-young introduced himself, saying, “I play a role like a friend to my dad and a boyfriend to my mother.” Afterwards, Kim Dong-young showed warmth by showing a friendly consultation to find Kim Hak-rae and Lim Mi-suk who are suffering from the Cold War due to a couple’s fight.

Meanwhile, Kim Hak-rae and Lim Mi-suk, who were comedian colleagues, have been married for 31 years this year, and they have a son.

Photo| JTBC broadcast screen capture

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