‘Moment capture’, change of schedule from Thursday to Tuesday at 8:55 pm [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS’s current affairs program ‘Moment capture’, first broadcast in May 1998, will be broadcasted at 8:55 pm every Tuesday, changing broadcast schedule.

‘Moment capture’, which has been broadcasting the meaning of life and the message of hope through special stories of ordinary events for 22 years, will be broadcast on Tuesday night to provide viewers with a more enjoyable and diverse life and a more mysterious and amazing world.

In the broadcast on September 2nd, we can meet a couple who are worried because of their youngest child who grows up with just drinking water. The couple guided the production crew to the rooftop and introduced the staff as the youngest, and their youngest child was the plant at the age of 17, among plants that have been growing for 30 years.

However, the visual is not unusual even at a glance. The height was close to 3m and 10cm so that the mouth was wide open to the unique appearance that grew up high in the sky like a power pole. What’s even more surprising is the result of growth in just 20 days.

At first glance, it is a mysterious plant that looks like a cactus or aloe. As if in return for her grandmother’s care for her pampering, these days it is growing more than 10cm per day. The identity of the plant, as revealed by experts, is an unfamiliar name, ‘Agave’. It is a subtropical plant native to Mexico, and it is said to be a plant that blooms the ‘flower of the century’, which is said to bloom once every 100 years.

Growing tall is a sign of flowering, but as the record rainy season continues, unexpected obstacles are encountered. Indeed, whether agave can bloom after twists and turns, we can meet at 8:55 pm on September 2 at ‘Moment capture’.


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