Rapper Queen WA$ABII “Experience in part time job at adult supply store, great help in developing skills”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Popular rapper Queen WA$ABII appears in ‘Video Star’.

MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’, which airs on September 1, is decorated with a special feature of ‘Dangerous Showtime at the Corner Festival’, while magician Choi Hyun-woo, drag artist Na Na Young Long Kim, DJ Soda, rapper Queen WA$ABII, and producer Park Mun-chi will appear.

Rapper Queen WA$ABII has garnered a topic by dominating real-time search terms with unconventional lyrics and tweeting on Mnet’s ‘Good Girl’.

Queen WA$ABII said, “The experience of having a part-time job at an adult supply store helped improve my rap skills. Due to the nature of an adult supply store, there are no customers during the day, so I can write lyrics and compose during a leisurely day. I was able to raise it”. Everyone was surprised by the reason they did not think about.

On this day, Queen WA$ABII is scheduled to face Park Na-rae, having a Twerking dance competition. She even made an unconventional pledge before the confrontation.

MC Park Na-rae made a pledge to develop a new dance without being able to twerk in a video star again if he loses in the confrontation, and Queen WA$ABII also posed a strong penalty. You can check who the goddess Twerking’s seat will go to through broadcast.

In addition, Queen WA$ABII is planning to unveil the stage of the new song ‘Sister Wata’, which is currently being produced, for the first time in ‘Video Star’. It is said that the featuring team of a huge lineup participated in the new song, and it is raising expectations.

Queen WA$ABII’s new song stage, which quickly turned the studio into a performance venue, can be found on September 1st in ‘Video Star’.

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