‘The Paik Father’ Paik Jong-won x Yang Se-hyung, picking two dishes with one can of tuna

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The Paik Father’ is returning to the tuna version this time.

The MBC entertainment program ‘The Paik Father’, which airs on the 31st, is different from live broadcasting by adding ‘The Paik Father’ and ‘Self Cam’ of domestic and foreign ‘Cooking beginners’ who are showing their skills, along with ‘Chemi’ of Paik Jong-won and Yang Se-hyung. I am looking forward to laughter.

‘The Paik Father’ tuna edition attracted attention with novel recipes such as ‘Tuna Round’ and ‘Tuna Hambak’. The reason why these two menus captivated ‘beginners’ was that in addition to the perfect taste, you can cook two dishes with one dough. It is because many beginners realized the ‘The Paik father Magic’ that you can complete a different taste by simply changing the shape and sauce to one basic ingredient. In ‘The Paik Father’, you can see a variety of things to see, including all the cooking process and behind-the-scenes videos of Paik Jong-won, Yang Se-hyung, and ‘Cooking beginners’.

‘Self-Cam’, taken by ‘Cooking beginners’, who are tasting the new world of cooking with ‘Paik Father’, came back more fully. ‘Overseas Cooking beginners’ from Mexico, Canada, and the United States headed to Mart to prepare the ingredients for ‘The Paik Father Live Broadcast’, introducing ingredients that cannot be found in Korea, expressing their expectations for participation in the live broadcast.

The appearance of ‘Cooking beginners’ full of entertainment also draws attention. Gwangyang rich man ‘Cooking beginner’, who has emerged as a new ‘humorous character’, continues to play an active part in ‘The Paik Father’. In particular, Gwangyang’s rich man reveals his wit through the action of rushing over his head and matching the synchro rate (?) to Yang Se-hyung’s words, “You looks like Yoo Jae-seok.”

In addition, ‘The Paik Father’ made’tuna rounded’ in the shape of a ‘heart’, and included ‘Gumi Cooking Old man’, who showed a lover’s appearance, and ‘Cooking beginners’, who were in trouble with tears from the onion trimming. It is expected to present a premature stomachache cooking challenge.

On the other hand, ‘The Paik Father’ will be broadcast on MBC at 10:40 pm on the 31st.


Photo provided│ MBC’Backpader Expansion’

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