Cho Dal-hwan confirmed to appear on Netflix ‘Now My School’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Cho Dal-hwan confirmed to appear in the Netflix original series ‘Now My School’.

The Netflix original series ‘Now Our School’ is based on the popular webtoon of author Joo Dong-geun, and tells the story of people who are isolated in a high school in a city where the zombie virus has spread, and those who try to save them, experiencing an extreme situation that cannot be known.

While the cast of fresh newcomers such as Yun Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Jo Lee-hyun, Romon, and Yoo In-su gathered attention, Cho Dal-hwan is scheduled to be split into the role of ‘Cho Dal-ho’, the chief assistant in the play.

Cho Dal-hwan is a number of dramas such as SBS ‘Whisper’, SBS ‘Return’, SBS ‘Hoon Nam Jung Eum’, KBS ‘Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-Ho 2: Sin and Punishment’, KBS ‘Justice’, as well as movies ‘Ordinary People’ and ‘Must catch’ , ‘Changgwang’, etc., in a number of works, he has played a great role with his strong acting skills and talented character digestion. Therefore, in this work, expectations are increasing as to what kind of look Cho Dal-hwan will prove his presence again.

In addition, he, who is about to release the movie ‘Cha In-pyo’, has recently been cast in the movies ‘Double Patty’ and ‘The Box’, and has predicted an active activity with various characters. Following this, interest is increasing in Cho Dal-hwan, who will continue to work hard while joining ‘Now My School’.

Director Lee Jae-gyu of the drama ‘Beethoven Virus’, ‘Damo’ and the movie ‘The Perfect Other’ is directed, and ‘Now My School’, written by Chun Seong-il of the drama ‘Chuno’ and the movie ‘Grade 7 Civil Service’, is Netflix. It will be released to more than 190 countries around the world.

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