‘Dogs are Incredible’ Kang Hyung-wook stops training for multi-family families → improves the environment

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Dogs are Incredible’, Kang Hyung-wook stopped training for Lupi, a dog raised in a house with many other dogs and starting to improve the home environment.

In KBS2’s ‘Dogs are Incredible’ broadcast on the 31st of last month, the story of Rupi was introduced in which problematic behaviors were found in dogs due to severe household hygiene.

The guardians living with the four dogs asked for help from ‘Dogs are Incredible’ due to the fight between dogs and the problem of indiscriminate marking. However, Kang Hyung-wook picked up the problem of the domestic environment in which this behavior was bound to occur.

The fact that dogs do not clean immediately even if they pee all over the house, and that dogs are not strongly restrained and neglected even if they fight, made viewers lament.

Kang Hyung-wook said that he remembers his childhood when he saw dogs that had disease due to the smell of feces and poor conditions. “I smell that smell in this house. I am anxious because this environment soon makes the dogs sick.”

Following that, Kang Hyung-wook, who decided that training would be possible only in a clean environment, decided to improve the environment at home. In response, ‘Dogs are Incredible’ even put in a cleaning company, and a week later, training resumed at a more comfortable home.

However, Kang Hyung-wook expresses extreme anger at the attitude of guardians who do not actively restrain their dogs even if they fight fiercely, and questions are rising over how to educate the bowel problem, and whether Lupine can safely finish education and start a happy companion life.

The story of Rupi that frustrated Kang Hyung-wook, will be broadcast on the 7th at 10:40 pm on ‘Dogs are Incredible’.


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