‘Gumiho’ Lee Dong-wook’s still cut revealed… Deadly charming Gumiho ‘dark charisma’ explosion

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

“In October, a man I have never seen before is coming!”

tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Gumiho’ Lee Dong-wook released the ‘first still’ that exploded the charm of Gumiho and Lee Yeon, who have lived for over a thousand years.

tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Gumiho’ (played by Han Woo-ri, director Kang Shin-hyo), which will be aired for the first time in October following the ‘Flower of Evil’, is a fantasy action romance drama between Gumiho who settled in the city and a producer who follows him.

Above all, Lee Dong-wook, who shook women’s hearts, re-enters the fantasy romance genre three years after the role of the grim reaper on tvN’s ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ and shows off acting with a synchro rate of 200% as if wearing custom clothes. In ‘Gumiho’, Lee Dong-wook is expected to show the mysterious and intense ‘fantasy craftsman’ as Lee Yeon, the protagonist who leads the setting that the protagonists in the old fairy tales are living in the current world in the same way as ours in 2020.

Lee Yeon, in charge of Lee Dong-wook, was once a mountain god who ruled the Baekdu-daegan, but he is currently working as a judge who settles in the city center and punishes the monsters who disturb the world by going back and forth between the real world and death. With all kinds of abilities, such as a clever intelligence and a perfect human patch, Lee Yeon intertwines with humans and tells a fascinating and cruel love story, providing fresh fun and excitement.

In this regard, the first filming site where Lee Dong-wook transformed into an off-white Gumiho Lee Yeon is captured and is robbing his eyes. Amid colorful lights, Lee Yeon (played by Lee Dong-wook) wearing a neat suit is showing a cynical look with a chic expression with laughter and a crooked head. Soon, Lee Yeon moved his body lightly and performed an action to overwhelm the opponent in an instant, exuding a dark charismatic anti-war beauty. Lee Yeon, who has revealed the deadly aura of a deadly nine tail fox, is raising curiosity about what secret is hidden.

Lee Dong-wook said, “The sequence itself is a scene with a lot of action and a lot of CG, so it was actually a bit difficult to shoot for the first time. The director, the martial arts director, the martial arts team, and the staff were perfectly prepared to finish the filming well”. “It was a moment when I was proud of having finished the difficult scene well from the first shoot and faith in the staff. I was relieved to believe that I could only trust them in the future shooting, and as I thought, I still believe and rely on the staff and shoot well.” He added a special sense of confidence in the ‘Gumiho’ team.

The production team said, “I feel happy that Lee Dong-wook plays the role of Lee Yeon quite well, making ‘Gumiho’ more perfect,” and said, “Lee Dong-wook studies and interprets the role of Lee Yeon, a new character, leading to the immersion of the play. We ask for many viewers to tune into watching ‘Gumiho,’ where Lee Dong-wook’s activities will shine.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Gumiho’ will be aired for the first time in October.


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