Kim Hyun-joong, “I just did what I should do”…He is praised by netizens

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong is being praised for being belatedly known for saving an urgent life through first aid.

On the 24th of last month, Kim Hyun-joong rescued the chef who fell conscious and collapsed at a Japanese restaurant in Jeju Island, and commanded the situation of emergency treatment, such as blue buttoning the top.

It is reported that Kim Hyun-joong had a meal with his party at the restaurant about two hours before the incident, and after hearing the screams of the staff while waiting for a surrogate driver outside, he went back to the restaurant and helped first aid.

The chef, who collapsed at the time, was handed over to 119 paramedics after Kim Hyun-joong’s first aid, received treatment, recovered, and returned to his daily routine. The restaurant owner expressed his gratitude for Kim Hyun-joong’s calm and active response to Maeil Business Daily Star Today.

Mr. Jeon, the owner of the restaurant, said, “(Kim Hyun-joong) performed CPR for about 8 to 9 minutes, followed first aid such as ice packs and chest massages, and 119 paramedics came and explained the situation and took over. I didn’t know that the person who helped the chef was Kim Hyun-joong. I had to move to the emergency room quickly, so there was no situation, but it wasn’t until the time to say thank you that it was Kim Hyun-joong who saved the chef.”

Mr. Jeon said, “As a store owner, I am very grateful to Kim Hyun-joong. Wasn’t it because you were our staff, and you saved a precious life? It remains in my mind that I didn’t say hello at the time. Thank you, thank you.”

This news is spreading among netizens as known as ‘Kim Hyun-joong’s good deed’. Many netizens are pouring out praises for Kim Hyun-joong’s quick response, saying, “It’s like an honorary firefighter.”

In this regard, a representative of Kim Hyun-joong’s management company humbly conveyed the related position, saying, “I just did something for granted.”

Kim Hyun-joong, who posted online with a warm talk, plans to hold an online concert on October 3rd.

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