Lovelyz “New song ‘Obliviate’, not sexy ‘Charismatic Mistress’”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Lovelyz announced that they want to express ‘Charismatic Mistress’ with their new song ‘Obliviate’.

Lovelyz (Baby Soul, Yoo Ji-ae, Seo Ji-soo, Lee Mi-joo, Kei, Jin, Ryu Su-jeong, Jung Ye-in) opened a showcase for the release of their 7th mini album ‘UNFORGETTABLE’ through the YouTube channel at 4 pm on the 1st, and revealed the stage of the new song.

Ryu Su-jeong, who participated in the lyrics of the title song ‘Obliviate’, said, “I once said that writing lyrics is my hobby. Among them, I thought that I would like to write lyrics using magic spells, but after looking for various things, I found ‘Obliviate’. I liked the meaning of ‘a spell that erases bad memories’.”

“When I listened to the song, I felt like I had a sense of restraint even though I was bursting. So I wondered what if I put the heart of a woman who wanted to erase the painful love. At first, I asked, ‘Would it be okay (if I write the lyrics)?’ but the composers and members like it. I was proud to do it,” she smiled.

Jin said about the concept of the new song, “In a way, you may feel sexy, but we talked about expressing ‘Charismatic Mistress’ rather than sexy.”

Meanwhile, the title song ‘Obliviate’ means’a spell that erases bad memories’, and Lovelyz’s sorrowful sensibility trying to erase a painful love like a thorn catches the ears of listeners. It’s open at 6pm on September 1st.

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