‘Trotshin Outing’ Nam Jin X Hong Jin Young-Jang Yoon Jung X Kim Shin Young, fantasy duet stage

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

The special duet stage of the Trot Gods and their best friends who boasted a fantasy chemistry in ‘The god of Trot is coming’ will be unveiled.

Singer Kim Wan-seon, Hong Jin-young, Kim Shin-young, Yang Dong-geun, Kim Yong-im, and other top star best friends appeared on the SBS entertainment program ‘The god of Trot is coming’ on the 2nd. The best friends who wanted to stand in ‘Trosseum’ once drew attention by decorating a special duet stage with the Trot Gods.

In particular, the trot godfather Nam Jin raised expectations by preparing a duet stage for his famous song ‘Alone in Love’ with Hong Jin-young. The two prepared special choreography and acting to create a musical-like stage and enthusiastic cheers.

In addition, Jang Yoon-jung and her best friend Kim Shin-young mash-up ‘Billy Jin’ by Michael Jackson, the emperor of pop, and ‘Youth Train’ by Seoul Studs, and finished preparing to meet the audiences online. Kim Shin-young, who was on the stage, said, “I think today is my birthday,” and expressed the overwhelming feeling of standing on the stage of ‘Trosseum’, causing laughter.

Then, when the stage began, the two even showed Michael Jackson’s choreography and flipped the stage with the heat. It is said that the Trot Gods, who watched this, couldn’t shut up and cheered, saying, “It’s a completely new style of show.”

In addition, a variety of duet stages are scheduled to unfold, including the hit song’Coupon’, which contains the story of Seol Woon-do and his best friend, and ‘Parting of Teacup’ by Jin Sung and best friend Kim Yong-im.

On the other hand, SBS ‘The god of Trot is coming’ is broadcast at 9 PM on the 2nd.


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